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Yoink 3.5.2


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Name Yoink 3.5.2 MAS
Size 26.15 MB
Created on 2019-05-21 23:24:25
Hash d903deb10fa672eb651c4d697400f9dcab6014bf
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Descriptions for Yoink 3.5.2

Yoink simplifies and improves drag and drop between windows, apps, spaces and fullscreen apps. The app has been repeatedly featured by on the Mac App Store in numerous categories and was recommended by John Gruber of DaringFireball and Federico Viticci of MacStories.

When you start dragging files in Finder or content from an application, Yoink fades in a tiny window at the edge of your screen so you can drag to it.
This frees up your mouse so you can comfortably navigate to the destination of the files and resume the drag from Yoink’s window more comfortably.

For a quick video introduction, further information and tips and tricks for getting the most out of Yoink, please visit its website.

Compatibility: macOS 10.9 or later 64-bit

Web Site:

Mac App Store:

What’s New in Yoink 3.5.2

New Features in Yoink v3.5.2:
  • Added support for Services (rightclick any file or stack and it will show the available services for it)
  • Yoink’s optional menu bar icon now can be dragged to
  • A rightclick onto Yoink’s menu bar icon toggles its window
Improvements in Yoink v3.5.2:
  • Added a Clear History menu item to the contextual menu if Yoink’s clipboard history is enabled
  • Yoink does no longer block the Finder’s Dock
  • Yoink does not become active anymore when dragging to it
  • Improved support with apps Discord and VSCode
  • Improved Yoink’s Share extension to better handle text and other content
  • For text snippets, a new line is appended so that consecutively dragging out snippets from Yoink to a text document is nicer
  • Made favicon loading a bit more efficient
  • Optionclick onto the X button of a file in Yoink now removes that file and any selected files
  • Yoink’s window now matches the Notification Center’s appearance
  • Improved support with dragging videos from to Yoink
Bug fixes in Yoink v3.5.2:
  • Fixed a rare crash when handling URLs
  • Fixed a crash in Yoink’s Today Widget
  • Fixed a few, minor memory leaks
  • Fixed the icon for Yoink’s Quick Action, especially on the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar
  • Fixed a bug on macOS Yosemite and earlier where after dragging one item to Yoink, subsequently it wouldn’t work anymore
  • Fixed issues with Yoink moving around unnecessarily if it’s set up to show at the mouse cursor’s location and it is being shared to, or previous files are recalled
  • Fixed an issue when pasting content into Yoink from the clipboard
  • Fixed a crash on systems earlier than macOS Yosemite
  • Fixed a bug where sharing an image added from macOS Mojave’s screenshot tool would fail because of a wrong file format
  • Fixed a bug where controlclicking onto an item wouldn’t work anymore after QuickLooking a file
  • Fixed a bug where, on smaller screens, the QuickLook panel would sometimes be cut off
  • Fixed an issue where when using the keyboard shortcut (by default, F5) to manually hide Yoink, the QuickLook panel, if visible, would not close
  • Made Yoink’s preference’s Behavior tab nicer to look at, meaning no black flashes in the video when changing preferences
  • Updated some URLs used in the app from http to https
  • Fixed a bug in Yoink’s preferences window for some localizations, where selecting the General tab would resize the window unnecessarily



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