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Yate 3.2

2014-12-02   Music


Yate 3.2

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  • Added:2014-11-19
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Version: 3.2
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: K

OS version: Mac OS X 10.6+

Patch has been tested and working on 10.9.5/10.10

This is a full patcher and app, not a trial reset like previous versions that I've found online.

Thanks to Special K for the Patcher

Version 3.2 (3562)

Warning if you are on Yosemite (10.0.0) and use Dropbox, please make sure that you go to Dropbox Preferences - General and uncheck 'Enable Finder integration'. While this will get rid of the fancy green check marks in the Finder it will also stop crashes when displaying File Open or Save dialogs. Dropbox will still operate normally. Thanks to the folks at Dropbox for describing the work around at this link.
Feature Request: Added the ability to identify multiple occurrences of files and potential duplicates in your collection. The functionality is available from within Track Databases. See the new help topic Duplicate Identification Using Track Databases for more information.
To go hand in hand with the new Duplicate Identification Using Track Databases feature, the database Query system has been enhanced. Queries with the same Key and Data columns now eliminate the redundant Key names in the results. As opposed to only allowing the path to the file as accumulated metadata, you can now accumulate any single column. Examples can be found in the help for the Duplicate and Query processes.
Feature Request: If you want the ability to replace files on an open while in Playlist Mode, you can enable the functionality via the new Preferences-File List-Allow Playlist Replace Open Mode option.
You can now view a summary of the contents of a Yate preference file via the new Yate>Examine Preference File Contents... menu item.
Feature Request: Yate preference files can now be imported by dragging them to the main window's file list area. You configure what is imported and how by the new Preferences - File List - Dragged preference file import settings - Configure option. If you hold down the Shift key while dragging, the contents of the file will be displayed as opposed to importing.
Feature Request: When multiple artwork items are selected in any full artwork panel, you can now change the Picture Type.
Preferences - File List has new options to control padding the display of the Track, Track Count, Disc and Disc Count fields. You can force minimum widths of 1 (no padding) to 4. The Track and Disc options can specify smart padding where the padding automatically matches the length of the associated Count field.
There's a new Preferences - Audio option to write the padded representations of the Track, Track Count, Disc and Disc Count fields to the audio files.
Feature Request: There are new options for both Discogs and MusicBrains called Join Exception. If you want to force your own separator string as opposed to using what is specified by the database (or defaulted by Yate), you can use these options.
You can now configure the Discogs credit mappings to any of Composer, Conductor, Involved People, Musician Credits or Remixer. The mappings are set in Preferences - Discogs - Credit Mappings - Configure. Also, 'Music By' now defaults to being a Composer alias.
Feature Request: Two additional import fields for Discogs: Copyright and Publisher. Copyright will import both © and ℗ copyrights if available.
Feature Request: Lots of AIFF files have +-1 issues in the element of the file describing the contained data's length and other minor formatting issues in the audio container, (not the tag metadata). Most applications, in fact almost all, work around these issues and ignore the minor spec glitches. In our testing about 35% of all tested files have a minor format/spec issue. Unfortunately, it seems as if a few applications cannot process a wide variety of AIFF files. The files that cause problems do not have to have ever been processed by Yate which typically avoids modifying the container. Starting with this release Yate will repair all detected container format issues whenever saving the file. We are not sure which container issues cause these applications problems so we simply do a sweep and fix them all. If you are not experiencing problems with your files these issues can be treated as benign, as they should be. The Sample Actions web page, available from the Help Menu, contains pre-built actions to test for and fix these issues.
There is a new property called Audio Container Status which returns 0 for an audio file which has recoverable formatting/spec issues in the audio container. The property returns 1 to identify a file with no detected container issues. Note that at this time, 1 is always returned for non AIFF files.
New convenience properties to get a track's path or original path without a filename extension.
There is a new property called Audio File Type. This property provides a better means of testing a file's audio type than by looking at the filename extension. The possible values are documented in the Get Property help.
For those of you that are interested in audio file properties, Yate now differentiates when describing mp3 Xing and Info header variants.
There is a new escape sequence which can be used in actions. @0 through @9 will be replaced with the contents of the named variable whose name is in the specified variable. eg. if variable 1 contains test, @1 will be replaced with the contents of named variable test.
The Repeat With action statement can now be used to repeat on list elements or on every character in a field or named variable.
Added a new Encode as ASCII action function. Essentially the function can be used to remove diacritical marks from fields. This is a lossy conversion and it is possible that characters are lost.
Added a new flow control statement Exit Repeat.
Added a Sort List action statement.
Added a Copy Unhandled action statement.
The Format Credits action function and its UI equivalent, can now specify the source separator used to delimit people as well as the resultant people separator to be used in the formatted data.
The Trim action function can now remove control characters. You can also specify that all characters in the excluded set are to be removed.
The Dump Variables action statement can now display the current value of the action test state.
Entering newline characters in User Defined Text Information items is not allowed by the ID3 specification. However there are so many instances of items which break this rule that Yate will now allow you to insert newline characters when editing them.
Bug Fix: It has been reported that Yate stops system restart on some Macs when there is no reason to do so. This build should fix the issue.
Bug Fix: Discogs: Removal of (#) sequences in names could leave spaces at the end of the name field.
Bug Fix: Discogs & MusicBrainz: When importing Involved People and / or Musicians Credits it was possible that some data was misplaced.
Bug Fix: The Discogs post import action was not not executed when enabled.
Bug Fix: The Repeat With and Build List functions when set to 'As Found' were not constructing the list properly.
Bug fix: It seems as if Yosemite from time to time has issues auto hiding progress indicators when they become inactive. This can cause some dirt to be left on a display. We're back to showing and hiding the indicators manually.
Bug Fix: Some full Artwork control menu items were incorrectly enabled when multiple artwork items were selected.

More Info:

Yate was developed for people who are serious about tagging and organizing their audio files. The application was designed from the ground up for Mac users. It is a 100% Cocoa written application and uses its own tagging library. Yate will tag mp3, m4a, AIFF, wav, dsf and FLAC files.
Yate has a long list of features, including an innovative scripting system called actions. The app also supports integration with Discogs, MusicBrainz, AcoustID and iTunes.

Release Notes (All Versions):

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