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Yate 3.1

2014-11-29   Music


Yate 3.1

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Name: Yate
Version: 3.1
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: K

OS version: Mac OS X 10.6+
Processor type(s) & speed:
RAM minimum:
Video RAM:

Patch has not been tested on 10.9.5/10.10

This is a full patcher and app, not a trial reset like previous versions that I've found online.

Version 3.1 (3408)

The context menu for most field types in editing panels now have a Multi Field Editor... item. Selecting the item will display the Multi Field Editor with the field type selected.
The context menu for field types which support multiple items had a menu item called Multi Item Editor. The menu item name is now the actual display name of the appropriate edit panel.
On Yosemite, the highlight colour for the Editing Panel's preset buttons has been changed to reflect the the system's highlight color (as displayed in the main window file list). The white text on a light gray background was too washed out.
The Musician Credits and Involved People fields are now internally stored as displayed. This will make no difference to you unless you have written actions to directly parse the fields. The external format used to write the data to audio files has not changed nor has the user facing representation of the data. Note that the fields are automatically formatted when saved to files removing blank lines and extraneous whitespace. The fields can now be directly edited on any editing panel where they occur. The fields have a new option to format the data. This is essentially a UI based implementation of the Format Credits action function.
The Prompt for File or Folder action statement now allows you to create folders when prompting for a folder.
The Save Variables and Restore Variables action statements now have options to save/restore per track copies of the variables while in stepwise execution mode.
The Dump Variables action statement can now display variable snapshots (previous functionality), per track variable contents, system variable contents and named variable contents.
The Verify Same and Verify Same Test action statements have been renamed to Compare Fields and Compare Fields Test. The help and descriptive text have been modified to better reflect what is being tested.
The Action Pending Window displayed for the Prompt and Dump Variables statements now has a Copy button which will copy the displayed information to the system clipboard.
Some new action functions used to maintain the concept of lists of items in fields or named variables. A list is any field where items are separated by a known delimiter:
— Build List is used to construct a new list in a field or named variable based on the contents of a field or a named variable. The source delimiter can be a single string or a set of characters.
— Count Items is used to count the number of items in a list in a field or named variable. The list delimiter can be a single string or a set of characters.
— Add to List is used to add an item to a list in a field or named variable. Items can be added to the start or end of the list.
— List Contains Test. The function looks for an occurrence of an item in list in a field or named variable. The action test state is set to reflect a successful match. If found, the item can optionally be removed.
New action function Copy Field to Named Variable. This is a convenience function which avoids the necessity of copying a field to a variable then to a named variable.
New action function Extract Bracketed Text. The function is used to look for text within a field bracketed by one of (), [ ], < >, or { }. The first or last occurrence can be matched. Matched text can optionally be removed. The action test state is set to reflect the occurrence of a match.
New action function Split Field used to split a field into two parts at a specified delimiter.
The Repeat With action function has been enhanced. It now allows empty delimiter fields. Support has been added for delimiters which are a set of characters to use as separators. The function can now use a field or named variable as the content source. Various parameter passing and list construction options have been implemented.
Tweaked the Discogs Master Matching search string for better results.
When doing Discogs Master Matching, those masters which only reference video content are now ignored. They will still be listed in the log file.
When specifying a Discogs release directly via id=, you can now reference a master by prefixing the id with an m. ie. id=m#
The CSV database Artwork Viewer can now be resized. Artwork can be dragged to the the main Yate window, the Finder, etc.
Rename and File to Tag templates can now specify Disc Count and Track Count.
Open Path in Clipboard now handles multiple paths separated by newline characters.
Variables are now consistently displayed as Variable space number. ie. Variable 1, not Variable1.
New Help menu entry to access the forum.
New Help menu entry to access sample actions.
Bug Fix: Undo was not working inside multi-line text fields on Custom panels.
Bug Fix: The Sort Form action statement's item table was not showing the count of selected items.
Bug Fix: The Prompt for File or Folder action function only worked when saving the results to Variable 0 through Variable 4.
Bug Fix: On Snow Leopard you were able to drag an image in the large artwork well to itself.
Bug Fix: Dragging from a display only artwork display such as the one next to the Comment field on the Info panel, only worked if a single file was selected.
Bug Fix: Launching of the Default Action was broken in v3.0.
Bug Fix: The Replace action statement was applying escape sequences on the 'from' pattern prior to splitting when OR matching was specified.

More Info:

Yate was developed for people who are serious about tagging and organizing their audio files. The application was designed from the ground up for Mac users. It is a 100% Cocoa written application and uses its own tagging library. Yate will tag mp3, m4a, AIFF, wav, dsf and FLAC files.
Yate has a long list of features, including an innovative scripting system called actions. The app also supports integration with Discogs, MusicBrainz, AcoustID and iTunes.

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