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Created on2016-07-12 09:00:09
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Name: Windlands
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developper: Psytec Games Ltd
Publisher: Psytec Games Ltd
Game features: Single-player, Full controller support
VR Support
Headsets: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
Input: Tracked motion controllers, Gamepad, Keyboard / Mouse
Play area: Standing, Seated

Steam Store Page:

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A first person grappling hook exploration game.:

Soar through the ruins of a fallen world and discover the secrets of the ancients. Windlands has been developed primarily for Virtual Reality headsets, but is also a great experience for those without headsets.

It appeals to those who want to explore the breathtaking vistas at a relaxing pace, while the challenging routes attract gamers who like to master the skill of soaring through the towering environments at top speed.

Gameplay Features:
● Designed and build for Virtual Reality First. 
● Grappling Hooks Focused Movement. 
● Variety of expansive levels that reward exploration. 
● Multiple routes provide a range of optional challenges. 
● Skill based, Speed Runs and Time Trials. 
● Goal Driven Gameplay. 
● Collectibles that reward exploration and completionism. 
● Calm, Positive, Pressure-Free, Non-Violent, Zen like relaxing play. 
● Unlock hidden areas and discover the many secrets. Create new paths and bring life back to the shattered world.

WARNING: Windlands is an intense (but awesome) experience in VR, it takes time to get your VR Legs, please take baby steps if you are sensitive to locomotion in VR play in very short sessions and perhaps try cages, sitting down and a controller if you are still effected, the second you feel a bit of nausea please stop and take a break

System Requirements:
OS: Mac OS X 10.6 64bit (Snow Leopard) or newer
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Graphics card supporting OpenGL 2.1 or later. (256MB graphics memory or more) Minimum supported resolutions 1280x720 and 1024x768
Storage: 2 GB available space
Additional Notes: Please Note OSX DOES NOT SUPPORT VR

OS: Mac OS X 10.6 64bit (Snow Leopard) or newer
Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 2900 or NVIDIA
Storage: 2 GB available space
Additional Notes: Please Note OSX DOES NOT SUPPORT VR

Windlands – Indiegogo trailer




Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r00 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r01 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r02 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r03 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r04 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r05 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r06 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r07 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r08 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r09 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r10 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r11 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r12 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r13 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r14 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r15 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r16 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r17 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r18 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r19 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r20 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r21 (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.r22 (3.61 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.rar (15.00 MB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/act-windlandsmac.sfv (0.74 kB)
Windlands.MacOSX-ACTiVATED/activated.nfo (4.33 kB)



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