WiiJManager -for Nintendo Wii- transfer games (OSX,LINUX,WINDOWS)

2016-02-28   Game Utilities

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WiiJManager is a WBFS manager for OSX, Linux and Windows. Basically it's a GUI for WiiMMS programmed with Java.

With it you can copy games from WBFS partitions to ISO/WBFS/WDF and viceversa.

Currently it works in both OS X, Linux and Windows.

It's been tested in Mac OS X 10.6 (still no time to find a machine with 10.5), with Ubuntu 9.04 and Windows XP SP3. If you find any problem (no drives showing or other problems) just ask here or PM me with the log.txt generated by the tool.

As I plan it, when I have it in a more stable way (solved proxy problems and a few things more), I'll post the source code, but not till is done cause now it's a little mess

In windows just open WiiJManagerWin.exe. In OS X and Linux just open WiiJManager.jar (or java -jar WiiJManager.jar)

Link for more information: https://gbatemp.net/threads/wiijmanager-multiplataform-windows-os-x.214002/

->If you have a Mac, just before you run the WiiJmanager.jar file, I have a folder named INSTALL THIS FIRST, inside is a file named JDK(something...) , 
Run it! and it will install you some JAVA Features so that you will be able to run WiiJManager.jar after! (and all .jar in the future)

WiiJmanager is not for expertswait,it's simple to use!
It never crashes and can transfer Wii Games in ISO,WBFS,WAD formats 
and also it can convert ISO to WBFS format etc! 
waveSee yourself it's easy I'm telling you again! wave
It works on any operating system that is able to run .jar

step 1 after unzip, go in this folder:

WiiJManager cap1 xqjXNDHeBE
step 2 in folder, run this:
WiiJManager cap2 DoOKpQb2zR
step 3, install this Java Official app to be able to run WiiJmanager.jar after
WiiJManager cap3 8OSWR9VCej
Changelog: Version 0.8 -Preliminary support for linux. I think I've solved most of the problems. -Support for exporting to Sneek. The sneek folder within the game directory must not exist. If not, it' won't work. -Updated wwt to 0.42 Known Bugs: -On OSX it ask you twice when you select a folder. I'll solve as soon as I have some time on a Mac later today. Version 0.7.3 -Solved an issue with rdisk in OSX. Version 0.7.2 -Solved an issue with rdisk in OSX. Version 0.7 -Added rescan button -Added resize window -Updated to Wiimms 0.40 (Support for --sections) -Replaced spaces in folder names with "_" for better support in OS X and linux (next release). -Solved throwed exception when updating list. -Minor bug fixes. -Next release will bring Linux support. Version 0.6.1 -Drag & drop was not working on OS X. Version 0.6 -Added copy between WBFS partitions. -Added option to drag games into tables -Fixed problem with opening folder in windows. -Solved minor issues. Version 0.5.3 -Added sorting to tables -Solved a problem with incompatibility with older versions of java (now is 1.5 compliant). -Removed the requirement of the game being into a folder. -Added a log to monitor errors (outputs log.exe in the program folder). -Changed the default open dialog to be more os x friendly. Version 0.5.1 -Solved a problem with the code not running in both OSX and Windows machines. Version 0.5 -Added support for proxies (http proxies with/without authentication), as is the only type of proxy I have access. -Solved some problem with directory and naming issues (spaces, semicolons and interrogation in names) like "Legend of Zelda : Twi...". -Joined the OS X and Windows code, so now (and as long as I have tried) it works ok in both systems. -Some other minor bugfixes I don't remember.

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