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Waves – BSS DPR-402 v9.6.18.8 OS X [Kleen]


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Waves – BSS DPR-402 v9.6.18.8 OS X [Kleen][dada]/Torrent downloaded from (0.05 kB)
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Name: BSS DPR-402

More information:

Long favored by studio, live and broadcast engineers, the BSS® DPR-402 dynamics processor 
is known for its punch, versatility, and the explosive sound it delivered on countless rock, dance 
and hip-hop hits since the 80s.

Working in association with BSS Audio, Waves has now modeled this long-unavailable unit, 
bringing back its diverse functions and sounds, and adding new features for extra flexibility 
and ease of use.

BSS DPR-402 can be used as a straightforward compressor, limiter or de-esser. But it really 
shows its colors when these processes are combined, and when it is used to selectively process 
individual parts of the audio band, leaving the rest of the spectrum untouched. The endless 
possibilities range from low-frequency expansion and narrow-band compression to general 
dynamic equalization to create surprising enhancement effects.

Waves has also added five features unique to the plugin: an MS matrix to separately process 
the mid and the sides, a Mix control to balance the processed and unprocessed signal, a Noise 
control to add or remove the modeled noise of the original unit, a Gain Reduction control, and 
an option for separate L/R metering.

Together, these varied options give you a uniquely flexible tool for dynamic control, 
with a wealth of possibilities for you to explore.




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