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Waves 12 Complete v01.06.2021


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Name Waves 12 Complete v01.06.2021 macOS-GbR
Size 4.97 GB
Created on 2021-06-08 22:46:03
Hash 6fa88466c048022649e4b0f8b1e7d3e065d5cf8f
Files Waves 12 Complete v01.06.2021 macOS-GbR (4.97 GB)

Descriptions for Waves 12 Complete v01.06.2021

Waves V12 plugins let you resize your plugins so you can view them more easily. V12 also introduces a new preset search engine that lets you find & audition the perfect presets for your tracks, plus more new features. Update now to V12. With the new resizing option in Waves V12, you can choose from 5 retina-ready GUI sizes – up to 200% – so you can stop squinting, and keep your attention on what matters. You can also customize your own default size per plugin, to make sure that your favorite plugins always open in the size you want.

V12 also introduces a lightning-fast preset search engine, so you can find the prefect preset for your tracks more easily than ever. No need to browse manually through preset menus and sub menus – you can now search presets by text, filter them by name, and quickly audition your results.

Updating your plugins to V12 future-proofs your sessions and helps ensure your Waves plugins will remain fully functional on the latest operating system and DAW versions, so you stop worrying about software compatibility and focus on creating great things.

Slap Delay & Plate Reverb from Chris Lord-Alge

Designed with legendary mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Muse, Bruce Springsteen), CLA EchoSphere combines Chris’s #1 slap delay and #1 plate reverb.

This is CLA’s go-to combination for lush lead vocals, based on his settings for two of his favorite hardware units.

You can easily blend the two effects using the plugin’s faders – either in parallel, or with the delay sent to the reverb, as Chris does to achieve his unique lead vocal sound.

Use this stellar-sounding slap/plate combination to turn any lead part – whether a lead vocal, guitar solo or lead synth line – into the standout element of your production.

  • Chris Lord-Alge’s #1 slap delay and #1 plate reverb effects
  • Based on CLA’s favorite hardware reverb and delay units
  • CLA’s go-to combination for mixing lead vocals
  • 3 selectable slap delay EQ slopes (analog tape speeds)
  • Modulation control to add texture and spread


macOS 10.12.6 or later

What’s New in Waves 12 Complete v01.06.2021

Waves SoundGrid applications, firmware and drivers: Across-the-board software update

Updated: StudioRack v12.8.0.320

New: Automatic monitoring sync between StudioRack’s input/playback modes and two DAWs: REAPER v6.23.0 and Bitwig Studio v3.3. This new integration streamlines the studio workflow of REAPER and Bitwig users recording and monitoring via Waves’ StudioRack and SoundGrid Studio applications. REAPER and Bitwig users can now automatically switch SoundGrid Studio’s I/O routing and StudioRack’s input/playback modes directly from their DAW, saving time on routing and configuration: Learn more.
Fixed: General bug fixes

Updated: SoundGrid Studio v12.8.0.320

New: Automatic monitoring sync between SoundGrid Studio (via StudioRack) and two DAWs: REAPER v6.23.0 and Bitwig v3.3. See more details in the StudioRack update notes above.
New: SoundGrid Studio’s graphic user interface can now be resized.
New: Ability to assign sidechain to plugins.
New: SoundGrid Studio now supports the Waves MyMon personal monitor mixing app. Learn how to set up MyMon with SoundGrid Studio.
Fixed: Custom layer not loading when SoundGrid Studio is launched in “Last State.”
Fixed: Sample rate defaults to 48 kHz even when SoundGrid Studio is set to “Previous/Last State” and the last session had a different sample rate.
Fixed: DiGiGrid DLS I/Os not available when the Wizard ask to choose monitor outputs.
Fixed: No warning when exceeding latency compensation limit.
Fixed: More general bug fixes.

Updated: SuperRack v12.8.0.320
New: SuperRack’s user interface can now be set to automatically resize to 90% of monitor resolution.
New: SuperRack’s Routing view can now be detached.
New: “Update Plugin/Rack State to Snapshot(s)” dialog window offers a “Select All” function to select all snapshots to be updated.
New: MIDI activity indicator added to the Top Bar.
New: Re-calibrated Routing view now shows only errors affecting audio.
Fixed: Bug causing “SuperRack has recovered from unexpected shutdown…” error message to show even after proper shutdown.
Fixed: Various bugs in the control and mirroring integration with DiGiCo consoles.
Fixed: Various bugs in the Auto Config and Auto Route functions.
Fixed: Hot Plugin Panel showing incorrect gain reduction meters with several plugins.
Fixed: Hot Plugin Panel opening incorrectly upon session load.
Fixed: Sidechain assignment not loading correctly.
Fixed: Session saving bug causing session file corruption.
Fixed: Bug causing audio connections made between an I/O and the SoundGrid Driver not to show in the Routing view.Improved application stability and performance.

Updated: eMotion LV1 v12.8.0.320
New: SoundGrid Network Routing view added to the Setup page.
New: Display Auto-Scaling mode added for better support of high-res screens.Improved: Fonts have been updated across the application.Improved: Mute Groups and User Key layout improvements.Improved: Log indications updated and new prints added.
Fixed: Bug causing the driver to reset to 32 channels after re-launch.
Fixed: Bug causing server friendly names not to recall with session.
Fixed: “Linked channels” indication in Send mode.
Fixed: Link behavior with FIT.
Fixed: Pan/Imager selection issue.
Fixed: Session load issue leading to crashes.
Fixed: On-screen Keyboard in Lock screen.
Fixed: LV1 user interface disappears prematurely upon quit, leading to recovery message upon next launch.
Fixed: More than one I/O device set to internal clock source

Updated: MyMon v12.4404
New: The MyMon personal monitor mixing app is now supported in SoundGrid Studio. Learn how to set up MyMon with SoundGrid Studio
New: “Hide Unused Channel” feature added.Learn how to align MyMon with your version of eMotion LV1

Updated: SoundGrid Driver (ASIO/Core Audio) v12.8.0.320 (included in SoundGrid Studio, eMotion LV1, SuperRack and QRec).
Updated: SoundGrid server firmware v12.8.0.320 (included in SoundGrid Studio, eMotion LV1 and SuperRack).
Updated: All SoundGrid I/O firmware and control panels v12.x
Updated: WSG-Y16 I/O firmware v12.9.0.251 for Yamaha digital consolesFixed: Bug causing sporadic clock sync issues.
Updated: DiGiCo SD SoundGrid I/O firmware v12.8.0.211 for DiGiCo consoles
Fixed: Bug causing clock mismatch between the I/O and the console.
Updated: Dugan Speech and Waveshell WPAPI v12.7.0.260
Fixed: Bug preventing Dugan Speech from mirroring its parameters in a DiGiCo setup.

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