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VUO 1.1.1

2015-11-02   Graphics & Design

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Name VUO 1.1.1
Size 69.60 MB
Created on 2015-10-26 23:30:39
Hash 8305dc090a4637153dc20aaad223276963339f5b
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Descriptions for Description

Name: VUO
Version: 1.1.1
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K'ed

OS version: 10.8
Processor type(s) & speed: Intel
RAM minimum: 4Gb
Video RAM: 512

Vuo 1.1.1 fixes several bugs…

Fixed List Serial Devices's inability to detect USB serial devices (such as Arduino Uno) that identify themselves as USB modems.
Fixed Get Leap Pointable and Make Targeted Spotlight outputting incorrect ("NaN") rotations for certain inputs.
Fixed Get Pointable Values outputting incorrect rotations (90° off) in the Transform output port.

…and adds a feature:

New Configure Serial Device node, which allows setting the baud rate and other properties of a serial device.

Vuo, a visual programming environment, lets you design and build live, interactive media. Drag, drop, and connect Vuo's building blocks to make your own graphics, animations, sounds, apps, UI prototypes, and more.

Vuo is designed to be both incredibly fast and easy to use. To create a multimedia composition with Vuo, you start by browsing through Vuo's library of nodes and pick out the ones you want to use. Nodes are your building blocks. Some nodes connect to devices, such as a mouse or a MIDI controller. Other nodes make something happen on the screen, such as popping up a window or drawing a sphere. Other nodes control when things happen in your composition. Once you've picked some nodes, you make them talk to each other by connecting them with cables. For example, you can make a sphere follow the mouse pointer by having the mouse node send its coordinates to the node that positions the sphere. The power of Vuo is that you can mix and mash up any nodes to create a composition. Combine mouse and graphics... MIDI and text... video and 3D models. You're limited only by your node library and your imagination. You can create standalone apps with Vuo to share with Mac OS users.

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