Vegas Baby Title Plugin for Final Cut Pro X

2017-07-20   Design Assets Graphics & Design Video

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Name Vegas Baby Title for FCPX.dmg
Size 1.34 MB
Created on 2017-07-21 08:26:48
Hash 602bdc860e6decfb410e651e28218a6d95b7a197
Files Vegas Baby Title for FCPX.dmg (1.34 MB)

Descriptions for Description

Name: Vegas Baby Title
File Types: PNG, TTF, etc
File Size: 1.15 MB
Requirements: Final Cut Pro X 10.3.4 or later

Web Site:

This title uses 3D Text and requires FCPX 10.3.4 or above. A graphics card with at least 1GB of vRAM is also required. Font used to create this title and user guide included.

Vegas Baby is a complex effect with flashing lights and special textures (coin faces) and animations on two separate sides. Expect long render times. When dealing with the title in the FCPX storyline, it is best to set the View Quality to Better Performance. Since Vegas Baby performs “reasonably well” using Better Performance, it was deemed eligible to be released. Please be patient with it!

Vegas Baby features an easily customizable “banner” (circled letters) and drop zone panels on the front and back sides. Separate titling for the front and back panels. Titling and drop zones can be combined. Complex text formatting will need to be handled via imported image/video or by creating compound clips in the storyline. An example would be any text message with more than one font used.

A 3D OSC (on-screen control) has been applied to this effect.



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