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A professional photographer or just a retoucher often have to handle a photo of people. Currently, retouching is an integral part of any photographer. Everyone who worked retouch photos, knows how much time can go to the processing of a single image or the entire photoset.

This can go from a few hours to days or even weeks. But whether it is possible to reduce the time and simplify the processing of the photo? Of course, the processing of the photos can not be brought up to full automaticity, and if you want to get quality retouching, you do not get to refuse handmade. Yet this work can be minimized, and automate routine actions. The basis for the creation of a special expansion panel for Photoshop were the methods of frequency decomposition and other operations, which are often used during retouching.

Ultimate Retouch 2.0 panel includes blocks for the base correction, so for retouching, toning and color correction, effects and has 20 programmable buttons for your own action games. Now glossy touch-you can do in 5 minutes.

Ultimate Retouch Features:
• 175 functions in one panel
• 7 unique blocks for retouch
• 20 custom buttons for your personal actions
• Frequency Separation 8 and 16 bits
• Immediate switch on and off of visual texture boost
• Frequency Separation by a plugin Portraiture
• Fast retouch
• Color Correction block with 30 presets
• 4 methods of technique Dodge & Burn
• 3 help layers to capture the flaws and irregularities
• Dual Vision for easy managing of Dodge & Burn
• Work whith RGB channels and masks
• Local and global High Pass Sharp
• Based on scripts for fast work
• A special algorithm to save photos to social networks
• Dynamic opacity and vignette
• Multi tint effect

More information: https://creativemarket.com/Wild_WinDer/620118-Ultimate-Retouch-2.0-panel



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