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Typinator 7.5

Name Typinat0r75 [sn].dmg
Size 9.69 MB
Created on 2018-04-18 02:32:10
Hash 5d2cacc1de3692c91bfb8e8230305be658731dfe
Files Typinat0r75 [sn].dmg (9.69 MB)

Descriptions for Typinator 7.5 macOS

Name: Download Typinator
Version: 7.5
Developer: Ergonis
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.6 or later

Includes: Serial

Web Site:


A handy and useful application capable to improve your productivity and eliminate errors by automating the process of inserting frequently used text and graphics

Typing your name, email address, home page url, commonly used phrases and expressions multiple times a day can prove to be tedious and frustrating. Thanks to Typinator you can now insert text, images, signatures and logos as you type with just a few keystrokes.

Productivity booster and powerful auto-corrector for a wide assortment of typos

Typinator is a low-key and practical macOS application specially designed to help you type frequently used text faster and easier. You can even create custom abbreviations for pictures and logos that you need to constantly insert in your emails or documents.

Moreover, Typinator comes with thousand of predefined corrections of common typos and misspelled words for American and British English, French and German.

Hence, Typinator is more than just a type assistant that can speed up repetitive tasks, it can also be used as a system-wide auto-correction utility capable to automatically fix typing mistakes and misspelled words.

Highly customizable typing assistant with auto-correction support for multiple languages

Once installed, Typinator helps you create your own list of frequently used email phrases, addresses, signatures and other boilerplates. You can use multiple sets at the same time and take advantage of the provided auto-correction sets for various languages, TidBITS, HTML snippets and more.

Thanks to Typinator, you can insert the current data and time in a wide variety of formats, insert pictures with your signature, smiley faces or logos. Business users can easily create abbreviations for standard customer service responses.

Moreover, you can insert logos, maps, product schematics and auto-correct most frequent typing errors quicker and easier than ever. Developers can create templates for code snippets, code blocks and define short-hands for frequently used Unix commands.

Typing booster that can help you add pictures and logos within your text with extreme ease

On top of that, the above mentioned HTML snippets can speed up the editing of your web pages with the help of over 100 abbreviations.

On the whole, Typinator makes it quite easy to speed up your typing and, above all else, it manages to help you save copious amounts of time by automatically correcting the texts you write.

What’s new in Typinator 7.5

April 17th, 2018

  • Scripts can now access the expansion history.
  • Scripts can now check which text input caused the current expansion.
  • Scripts can access the terminator character that triggered a “whole word” abbreviation.
  • Scripts can cancel the currently processed expansion.
  • Button to show or hide invisible characters in the expansion field.
  • The key combination shift+return inserts a line separator (instead of a line feed) in the expansion field.
  • After inserting a script invocation via the {…} pop-up, Typinator now selects the parameter placeholder.
  • “Smart” replacements and spell checking are now correctly disabled in the “Inline Script” assistant's source text editor.
  • Diagnostics report contains more detailed information about crash behavior.
  • When a script in an expansion triggers another expansion, the initial expansion is completed before the second expansion.
  • Improved technique for recovering from certain memory-related crashes in High Sierra.
  • Repeated execution of precompiled scripts (“scpt” files) is now faster.
  • Within the same Typinator session, precompiled AppleScripts now retain their properties.
  • During manual update of subscriptions, the progress report now scrolls automatically, so that the most recent entries are always visible.
  • Updated versions of some predefined subscription sets (TidBITS AutoCorrection and Product Names).
  • Fixes an issue in the CSV export that produced empty lines in multi-line expansions.
  • Fixes a misplaced list of Quick Search matches in certain multi-monitor configurations.
  • Fixes a crash when importing sets in the tyset-rep, txt-rep or csv-rep file formats.
  • Fixes an issue with semicolons in input fields with variable assignments.
  • Works around limitations of SoftMaker products (TextMaker, PlanMaker, and Presentations), where Typinator's quick expansion technique did not work.
  • Typinator avoids conflicts with the Boshiamy input method by disabling itself when this method is active.
  • Works around an expansion problem with certain special characters in WhatsApp Desktop.
  • The “whole word” checkbox is now correctly disabled in subscribed sets.
  • Fixes a crash after updating multiple subscriptions.



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