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TrashLater 4.4.2

2015-01-08   Utilities

  • Name: TrashLater 4.4.2
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Name: TrashLater
Version: 4.4.2
Mac Platform: UB (PPC & Intel)
Includes: K

OS version: 10.4 or higher

Whats new:

Now using "launchd", the launch daemon used by OS X 10.4 (Tiger), as the scheduling mechanism (replacing the use of "cron"). Many of the complex, cron-related scheduling options are therefore no longer required. The first check will occur when you log in; subsequent checks will be done at your chosen intervals.
Limited the checking intervals to within 10 minutes and once a day - other checking intervals are not required.
Introducing "TrashLater Server", i.e., a solution for system administrators to run TrashLater as a system-wide root-daemon with which all folders for all users can be accessed. Supports both OS X and Mac OS X Server (even OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion).
Removed the window-based checking solution, a.k.a. "TrashLater Client". Beginning with this version, all checking will be done in the background.
Retired option: Track all subfolder items individually.
Eye candy: Nicer growl notification when only "one item was removed" [280].
Changed the default state of the "Check skipped" message to "disabled" in order to remove message clutter. Interested users are free to enable the message in the Growl prefrences pane.
Added a workaround with Growl when installing a new application dictionary.
Dead code stripping. Removed the database converter that could import settings from obsolete versions of TrashLater (3.0 - 3.5) [279].

Courtesy of Special K

TrashLater is a file-removal application. It watches chosen folders, granting each of its (unmodified) files a "grace-period" before TrashLater moves them to a different folder, typically the Trash. In other words, folder items are removed after a delay. Each folder can be assigned a different grace period. Any file within these folders is tracked individually. You can use TrashLater to manage your download folder or to keep only the recent files in trash.

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