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Name: Thepluginsite Plugins for Adobe Photoshop

Requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS – CC 2017

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Photoshop-compatible plugins are aimed at supplying additional image effects or performing special tasks that are impossible or difficult to achieve with the means of an image application alone. They integrate into the host application and are executed from within the application.

There are several types of Photoshop-compatible plugins available, e.g. filter plugins, import and export plugins, file format plugins and automation plugins. Additionally there are also color picker plugins, selection plugins and parser plugins, but noone else than Adobe has ever created plugins of these types. The most common type are filter plugins which have the have the file extension .8bf and usually supply special image effects. Import/export usually let you acquire or write image data from or to certain devices, file format plugins let you open and save exotic image formats and automation plugins automate certain tasks in the manner of Photoshop Actions.


Color, contrast, exposure and saturation correction


Shadow/highlight, virtual lighting and color-based editing


Contrast enhancement, dramatic looks and HDR-like effects

B/W Styler

B&W conversion, traditional effects and b&w enhancement


Screen and print sharpening


Effective noise removal



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