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The Long Dark 1.47

2019-03-29   Game

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Name The Long Dark 1.47
Size 6.10 GB
Created on 2019-03-29 11:08:36
Hash 2d4d907546f78322007b1f477905ffbf5b00e448
Files The Long Dark 1.47/the_long_dark_enUS_1_47_27825.pkg (6.10 GB)

Descriptions for The Long Dark 1.47

The Long Dark is a thoughtful, exploration-survival experience that challenges solo players to think for themselves as they explore an expansive frozen wilderness. There are no zombies — only you, the cold, and everything Mother Nature can throw at you.


  • No hand holding! The game challenges players to think for themselves by providing the information but never the answers. You have to earn the right to survive.
  • Monitor your Calorie count, Hunger and Thirst, Fatigue, and Body Temperature. Maintain your overall Condition if you want to survive. Let yourself weaken and any small threat may take lead to your death.
  • Two sandbox regions provided more than 10 square kms of wilderness to explore (and with more regions coming!). Mystery Lake offers abundant hunting and exploration of points of interest like the Forestry Lookout, Trapper’s Homestead, and an abandoned Hydro Dam. Coastal Highway is populated with small townsites, a fishing village, and various hunting cabins in the hills. Watch out for thin ice!
  • Dynamic weather, wildlife, and time of day, all with an impact on how you choose to survive.
  • Over 100 gear items including clothing, tools like hatchets and rifles, first aid equipment, foodstuffs, light sources like lanterns and flares, and firestarting equipment.
  • Hunt Deer, Snare Rabbits, and watch for Crows as they can signify the presence of animal, or human, corpses that can be vital sources of Supplies. Wolves are territorial and will defend their territory, or stalk you if they catch your scent. If you let them get too close, you may find yourself in a desperate struggle to survive.
  • Harvest Wood for fuel, maintain your Gear and Clothing, and keep your Knife, Hatchet, and Rifle in top shape as they will save your life!
  • Deep First Aid system featuring many afflictions including: Sprains, Blood Loss, Infection Risk, Infection, Food Poisoning, and Dysentery.
  • Craft Snares, First Aid items, Repair your Clothing and Tools, and Harvest raw materials from the environment, as you do your best to become self-sufficient.
  • Permadeath! See how long you can survive, check your standing on the global Leaderboards, then head back in and push yourself to survive longer.
  • …and much more!
System Requirements:
  • Mac Platform: Intel
  • Includes: GOG
  • OS version: 10.9.3
  • Processor type(s) & speed: 2.2 GHz Core i5
  • RAM minimum: 4 GB
  • Video RAM: 2 GB

This is a DRM-free GOG release. Courtesy of Ferrum.

LANGUAGES: English, German, Russian

Web Site:

What’s New in The Long Dark 1.47

Changelog not available at release time.



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