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Textual v5.1.0

2015-03-28   Social Networking

Textual IRC Client
  • Name: Textual v5.1.0
  • Total Size: 6.61 MB
  • Created on: Fri Mar 13 12:56:12 2015
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Version: 5.1
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K'ed

OS version: OS X 10.9 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: Intel, 64 bit
RAM minimum: N/A
Video RAM: N/A

Release Notes for Version 5.1.0


Brought back a more Mac-like Preferences dialog.
A minimum window size is no longer enforced.
The cipher suite used for a secured connection is now displayed when the connection has been established.
Support for SSLv2 and SSLv3 has been disabled. TLS 1.0 is the minimum version allowed for a secured connection with the newest version of TLS being preferred.
A lock icon is now visible in the top right corner of Textual when using a secured connection. Clicking this icon will display information such as the certificate chain as well as cipher suite in use.
Increased the maximum width of images shown inline with chat from 5,000 pixels to 7,200 pixels to accommodate screenshots from the Retina 5k iMac.

Fixed formatting characters (bold, color, italic, underline) not applying to URLs.
Fixed the option to disable certificate chain verification not working.
Fixed several keyboard shortcuts not working under certain conditions.
Fixed content not appearing until the main window of Textual is scrolled.
Fixed an absurd number of certificate trust dialogs opening during unsupervised reconnects.
Fixed the selected item on the server list using an unreadable gray color when the list has a light background.
Fixed messages that specify a background color without a foreground color not displaying correctly.
Fixed the WHO Command Maximum Channel Size preference not working as expected.

Added support for the capacity.
Added "{{timestamp}}" token to the newMessagePostedWith*Sender.mustache template for style authors. The value of this token is the unix timestamp equivalent of the formatted time & date.

Textual 5
Textual is an IRC client created specifically for OS X.
It was designed with simplicity in mind.

Beautiful Interface
Textual includes two elegantly designed light and dark variants of the user interface to match all tastes. The user interface itself has been refined all the way down to the very last pixel. Everything has a place and a purpose and nothing is in the way to create clutter.

Powerful, yet lightweight
Textual supports very powerful modern technologies such as native IPv6, direct client-to-client file transfers, the latest IRCv3 specifications, client-side certificate authentication, and much, much more in a lightweight, easy to navigate, clutter free environment.

Privacy is valued
Sensitive information such as passwords are maintained within the OS X keychain which is encrypted. Additionally, text based encryption with automatic key-exchange using industry proven standards is available. Furthermore, all source code is publicly available for auditing at any time.

Textual provides extensive theming support by leveraging technologies such as HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript. Also included is the ability to create alias commands using scripts written in AppleScript, Ruby, Python, Perl, or PHP. For advanced users, it is possible to write plugins in Swift or Objective-C that have unlimited access to the entire codebase of Textual.

Textual also includes…

- Native fullscreen support
- Inline nickname colorization
- Rich array of keyboard shortcuts
- Address Book for tracking when friends are online & offline
- Powerful, customizable, rule-based ignore matching
- Inline media embedding (Show images inline with chat)
- Auto-Completion for nicknames, commands, and channels
- Growl and native Notification Center support
- Bold, color, italic, and underline text formatting
- Built in support for converting text emoticons to emojis
- Powerful ZNC integration for power users
- Many community created addons & styles
- Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL)
- SOCK4 and SOCK5 proxy support (with or without SSL)
- Support for sending self-signed certificates for authentication
- Support for validating and specifying trust for untrusted certificates

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