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NameStudioLinked JUICEMAN Vocal Plugin
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Created on2019-08-19 22:19:21
FilesStudioLinked JUICEMAN Vocal Plugin (2.16 GB)


Descriptions for StudioLinked JUICEMAN Vocal Plugin – Contains over 114 vocal chants and ad-libs

is a virtual vocal plugin engineered with the aspiring music producers and beat makers in mind. This dynamic software gives you access to one of the biggest names in Atlanta music, OJ da juice man’s vocals.

Contains over 114 vocal chants and ad-libs. When asked about the motivation behind the creation of this software, CEO of StudioLinked Evin Groves answered it is hard to get access to celebrity rappers. It has always been my dream to bring celebrity vocals to every bedroom producers fingertips. Now its possible and the first of many is the Juiceman vst.

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