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Name: SQLEditor
Version: 3.3.4
Developer: MalcolmHardie Solutions
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.9 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: Pre-K’ed (The Shark)

Web Site: http://www.malcolmhardie.com/products/


User-friendly and powerful macOS database designer and editor that helps you create databases from scratch and manage the ones already created with extreme ease

SQLEditor is a user-oriented and streamlined macOS utility that makes it simple and straightforward to edit or design an SQL database using a Mac.

The SQLEditor app allows you to quickly get started working on your own databases with the help of a vast array of design tools that can be used to quickly add new tables.

Intuitive zoom based editing feature

Moreover, while designing a database with SQLEditor, you can use the built-in zoom feature which will allow you to effortlessly get a birds-eye view of your database, in order to analyze each and every element with greater ease.

Also, while in zoom view mode, all the database objects will still be editable, meaning that, in essence, SQLEditor allows you to manipulate and modify any part of the database design and content regardless of the zoom level you’re at.

Import your own database and generate database diagrams

If you already have a database and you need to edit it with the help of SQLEditor, the app provides you with a simple import workflow which will, in the end, load your database within SQLEditor, allowing you edit and update its contents with ease.

Furthermore, once your job is done and the database is complete, SQLEditor makes it possible to generate a large variety of database diagrams that can be used for presenting your work to potential customers or your team’s members.

Powerful database designer and editor with support for the most popular database systems

In addition, database diagrams can also be created using partial snippets of SQL code, as well as visualize and parse SQL to editable database objects that can be included within a diagram of their own.

As an additional benefit of using it to design and edit databases, SQLEditor comes with extended support for all the major types of databases (i.e. MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQLite), a fact that makes it possible to export your SQL code to any of the formats required by these types of database systems.

What’s new in SQLEditor 3.3.4

March 30th, 2018

  • Fix for a bug where object hidden state wasn't being saved
  • Rewritten parts of the inspector code to remove a crashing bug
  • TargetProxy object which caused some crashes has been removed entirely and the section rewritten
  • Undo after deleting a table which is the target of a foreign key object now correctly restores the connection line
  • Connector control handles now don't snap too far to the right in certain odd cases
  • Fix so that constraint key names cannot be edited with the inspector when multiple objects are selected
  • It was previously possible to fix a connection point and move both tables to the right of that point. The line will now snap properly to the right.
  • (This behaviour wasn't correct, but it is hoped to add more positioning options in the future)
  • Much of the document XML loading code has been rewritten (but this new code is currently turned off)



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