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Soundiron – Apocalypse Elements – Player Edition KONTAKT [PC/MAC]


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NameSoundiron – Apocalypse Elements – Player Edition KONTAKT
Size2.34 GB
Created on2016-05-21 23:17:16
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Apocalypse Percussion Elements is a mighty collection of aggressive scoring and concert drums and cymbals for the Native Instruments Kontakt platform. This library is a powerhouse designed for efficient workflow and incredible sound. It's ideal in even the most demanding professional production environment, with extraordinary detail, acoustic quality and flexibility. It features over 40 different drums and over 100 articulations.

You'll find thunderous ensemble and solo bass drums, roaring ensemble and solo toms of all sizes, a massive 8-member snare ensemble and 6 different solo snares ranging from deep 14” wooden bodied snares all the way down to tiny 5” effect snares, ethnic drums of all shapes and sizes, clicks, clacks, hi-hats, stick and mallet rides, crashes, splashes, hybrid China crash, fx cymbals, gongs, Tibetan finger cymbals and much more.

We here at Soundiron are no strangers to epic ensemble and soundtrack scoring percussion. We set out to build a monster that punched harder, rumbled deeper, cut through the mix cleaner and got the job done like no other could. We wanted a massive sound and responsive playability, without compromising user flexibility and choice. We captured it all in a large hall during an exhaustive two week session. Once the blood and wood chips had settled, we had captured an average of 8 round-robin per velocity layer with up to 14 velocities each. With a huge sound and intuitive presets that work right out of the box, this beast gets it done.

You can use our expressive “Standard” presets for instant access to the full library in a classic percussion array layout. The main Ensemble All preset lets you customize key-mapping for each articulation, or chose from several standard drum map presets. Our user interface gives you instant control over the sound, whether you want a huge hall sound or dry studio punch, with automation-ready parameters to shape dynamics, room release, attack, transient offset, tuning, velocity response, and so much more.

Built from our grand 25GB flagship - the Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble - this Elements version is slimmed down to the put maximum punch into a compact footprint and unbeatable price for everyone. Focusing on a close/stage stereo mic position and standard single-stroke multisampled articulations, it's designed to be intuitive and easy to play. This library also qualifies you for a 30% Discount on your future upgrade to the full Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble!

Solo Elements
•6 Snares
•2 Bass Drums
•2 Dhol Drums
•4 Frame Drums
•2 Floor Toms
•2 Low Toms
•2 High Toms
•4 Rototoms
•Ride Sticks
•Ride Mallets
•China & FX
•Ting Shag

Ensemble Elements
•Bass Drums
•Assorted Low Toms
•Assorted High Toms
•Frame Drums

User Interface
•Powerful Custom User Interface with fully automatable access to critical performance controls
•Close microphone position for a full, rich sound
•Customizable key mapping and template design, saving and loading
•Adaptive meta-arpeggiator system with Preset Saving/Loading
•Megamixer system with Kit Saving/Loading, Intelligent Sample Loading, and Per-Slot Room Release Controls
•Drum Category-based (Bass, Snare, Cymbals and Aux) Room Release Controls in many Presets
•Midi Loop Playback and Custom Mapping
•Our Custom FX Rack with powerful and configurable controls for every effect.
•70 integrated custom convolution IR samples

Web Site:

Audio demos

Soundiron Apocalypse Percussion Elements – SCOREcast Review with Marie-Anne Fischer





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