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Sony Catalyst Production Suite 2016.1.0


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NameSony Catalyst Production Suite 2016.1.0
Size369.3 MB
Created on2016-04-21 12:47:53
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Name: Sony Catalyst Production Suite 2016
Version: 2016.1.0
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version: 10.10 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 2 GHz+ (64bit)
RAM minimum: 4GB+
Video RAM: OpenGL 2.1

Web Site:

Includes: K
Credit to AMPED for crack

Install Instructions (Also included in README)
1. Install.
2. Replace the files in "Catalyst" and "Catalyst" with the patched files in the /Crack folder.
3. Enjoy!

NOTE: You might have to chmod +x the binaries in your terminal.

What's New
April 18th 2016
Notable fixes/changes in version 2016.1
・Added Primary display and Secondary window switches to Options to allow you to toggle the main video preview above the timeline and show the video preview in a secondary window that you can position anywhere on your screen or on a secondary monitor. Windows 7 users, please see Known Issues.
・Added split-screen previews to the video preview to view original and effected video.
・Added a vectorscope to the video preview.
・Added overlays for safe areas and anamorphic masking to the video preview.
・Added support for zooming and panning the video preview window.
・Added support for using the primary display and secondary window to preview files from the Media Browser.
・Added support for multitrack cut/copy/paste of clips.
・Added support for dragging clips from multiple tracks to different tracks.
・You can now press 0 to zoom out fully when the timeline has focus.
・Added support for zooming in time until each video thumbnail represents one frame: Alt+0 (Windows) and Option-0 (OS X).
・The [ and ] keys now move the cursor to the previous/next clip when the timeline has focus.
・While dragging a clip on the timeline, press and hold Ctrl (Windows) or ⌘ (OS X) to create a copy of the clip where you drop it.
・Add > Title now creates a title clip at the cursor location on the selected track.
・Added a Match Timeline Aspect button to the Crop effect to allow you to match a clip's aspect ratio to the output frame aspect from the Timeline Inspector.
・The selected Video processing device is now used for rendering.
・The timeline width and height are now used as the canvas size when using Video Generator plug-ins.
・Added support for opening a clip in a Catalyst Prepare library: in the Clip Inspector, click the name of the library to open the library in Catalyst Prepare and select the clip.
・Added support for expanding and collapsing sections in the Inspector pane.
・Improved controls for specifying the position rectangle in the Text, Crop, and Picture in Picture plug-ins.
・The Snap to: Track/All control is now a Snap to all clips switch. When the switch is enabled, clips, the cursor, and markers will snap to clip edges on any track when you drag them.
・When using the Fade tool, fade edges now snap to clips, markers, and the cursor.
・Added automatic project saving. Catalyst Edit saves a backup copy of your project automatically. If Catalyst Edit terminates unexpectedly, the autosaved project will be opened the next time you start.
・Added support for reading AS-11 DPP clips.
・Added new low-bit-rate templates for rendering HD AVC/AAC clips.
・Added new templates for rendering MPEG IMX clips when using XDCAM format.
・Improved performance when loading projects.
・Improved performance when using large still images on the timeline.
・You can now click the Project button and choose a project from the Recent Projects list to quickly open a recently edited project.
・The Catalyst Edit window configuration is now preserved when you close and reopen the application.
・The End key now moves the cursor to the mark out time or end of the project. Ctrl+End (Windows) or ⌘-End (OS X) always moves the cursor to the end of the project.
・Fixed a bug that could cause the application to crash when using an external monitor.
・Fixed a bug that could cause the application to crash when using the Register Offline method on Windows 7.
・Fixed a bug that could cause the application to crash when scrolling in the Media Browser.
・Fixed a bug that could cause the application to crash when browsing to a folder containing some DNxHD clips (OS X only).
・Fixed a bug that could cause the application to crash when using the Audio mode > Time stretch setting on a clip (Windows only).
・Fixed a bug that could cause the application to crash in some cases when changing the zoom level of the timeline.
・Fixed a bug that could cause the render process to crash when canceling during XAVC rendering.
・Fixed a bug that prevented thumbnail images from displaying properly when switching the Media Browser between grid and list view.
・Fixed a bug that caused clips to be sorted incorrectly in the Media Browser.
・Fixed a bug that could cause audio sample rates to be set incorrectly when multiple Catalyst applications were in use.
・Fixed a bug that could cause video preview and thumbnail display inconsistencies when using an AMD GPU (Windows 10 only).
・Fixed a bug that could prevent Intel Quick Sync Video from working on some supported systems.
・Fixed an issue that could prevent small clips from being moved without zooming in.
・Fixed a bug that prevented the timeline from scrolling correctly when dragging the play cursor.
・Fixed a bug that could cause event edges to be adjusted when adjusting fades with the Fade Tool.
・Fixed a bug that prevented the Fade in length and Fade out length values in the Clip Inspector from displaying the correct fade length for crossfaded clips.
・Fixed a bug that could prevent controls in the Inspector from displaying their correct state when adjusting automated video effect parameters.
・Fixed a bug that could cause an error when exporting a project that contained clips from a Catalyst Prepare library with mark in/out points set.
・Fixed a bug that could cause an error and prevent some trimmed or still-image clips from being exported.
・Fixed a bug that could cause inconsistent behavior when dragging a clip past the visible portion of the timeline.
・Fixed a bug that could cause the cursor to be positioned incorrectly when pasting clips with ripple editing on.
・Fixed a bug that could cause inconsistent behavior when cutting or deleting clips across multiple tracks with ripple editing on.
・Fixed a bug that prevented the application from playing some DNxHD clips.
・Fixed a bug that could cause keyframes to be added at the incorrect location after moving a clip.
・Fixed a bug that prevented Catalyst Prepare storyboards from being added as nested timelines when clicking the Add to Timeline button in the Media Browser.
・Fixed a bug that prevented clips from snapping correctly when dragging multiple clips to a new track.

Catalyst Prepare
The fast, simple, reliable path from camera to post.

Catalyst Edit
Focused, fast cutting for 4K, RAW, and HD video.

The Catalyst Production Suite fuses powerful media preparation and fast, focused video editing to provide the backbone for your video productions. Catalyst Prepare paves your path from camera to post with robust organizational tools, precise first-pass color correction and monitoring, extensive metadata support, and more. Catalyst Edit provides a lean, focused video editing environment that makes your cutting process fast and fluent.

With support for 4K, Sony RAW, and HD media, the Catalyst Production Suite gives you the power to make the most of your camera's high dynamic range and wide color gamut as well as the stunning resolution of 4K from beginning to end.

The Catalyst Production Suite workflow
With strong family support, you can accomplish amazing things. The Catalyst family provides powerful media prep and focused, fast editing that you can rely on to translate the vision in your head to an experience that moves your viewers.

Media Preparation
Catalyst Prepare takes care of all of your media prep needs:
View your media directly from a camera, deck, or card reader
Make a full-volume backup
Organize clips into bins
Batch copy clips
Batch transcode clips
Make color adjustments and apply looks
Set in/out points
Establish multichannel audio assignments
Batch upload clips to the cloud via Sony Media Cloud Services Ci
Cut together a rough edit with the storyboard feature
All of this prep work flows automatically into Catalyst Edit.

Post Production
In Catalyst Edit, turn your beautiful footage into a polished, finished product. To save time, access your Catalyst Prepare libraries directly and cut your project together quickly and creatively. The focused toolset gives you quick access to all the essential cutting tools as well as effects, titling, and other tools to bring your production from imagination to screen.

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