Sony Catalyst Production Suite 2015.1.2 Includes Patch

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Version 2015.1.2 | Includes Patch | English
Mac OS 10.10
More info:

The Catalyst Production Suite fuses powerful media preparation and fast, focused video editing to provide the backbone for your video productions. Catalyst Prepare paves your path from camera to post with robust organizational tools, precise first-pass color correction and monitoring, extensive metadata support, and more. Catalyst Edit provides a lean, focused video editing environment that makes your cutting process fast and fluent.

With support for 4K, Sony RAW, and HD media, the Catalyst Production Suite gives you the power to make the most of your camera's high dynamic range and wide color gamut as well as the stunning resolution of 4K from beginning to end.

The Catalyst Production Suite workflow
With strong family support, you can accomplish amazing things. The Catalyst family provides powerful media prep and focused, fast editing that you can rely on to translate the vision in your head to an experience that moves your viewers.

The ultimate preproduction assistant that allows you to easily and intuitively browse your camera, deck, or card reader, view clips, off-load the media for safe backup, view and edit metadata, batch copy, batch transcode to a wide variety of pro formats, precisely perform first-pass color correction, and more.

Catalyst Prepare takes care of all of your media prep needs:
- View your media directly from a camera, deck, or card reader
- Make a full-volume backup
- Organize clips into bins
- Batch copy clips
- Batch transcode clips
- Make color adjustments and apply looks
- Set in/out points
- Establish multichannel audio assignments
- Batch upload clips to the cloud via Sony Media Cloud Services Ci
- Cut together a rough edit with the storyboard feature

The fast, simple, reliable path from camera to post
As media production becomes more complicated and turnaround times grow tighter, you need a tool that eases the workload on your editor and helps you meet project deadlines. With Catalyst Prepare, you can quickly access, organize, and prepare all of your project footage - even when you use a variety of popular cameras. Create a rough-cut storyboard along with quick initial color grade to jumpstart the editing and review process. Then render it out directly or export an EDL to other popular tools you use in your workflow.

- Verify shots immediately on set, including Sony RAW and S-Log clips
- Solve your camera media wrangling issues with a single application
- Deadline pressure? Quickly review and identify subclips for copying, eliminating the long transfer times needed for entire clips
- Work in the same simple, consistent, fresh user interface on both (Mac OSX) and Windows platforms
- Simple, powerful interface with a quick and easy learning curve
- Secure, integrated clip upload to Sony Media Cloud Services Ci enables cloud-based, collaborative review of work with your extended team
- Intuitive design provides the tools you need for each step, ending cognitive overload, clutter, and confusion
- Back up your camera media with confidence from integrated checksum verification
- Media libraries are saved automatically and continuously, preserving critical edits
- Precise managed color workflow ensures accuracy and consistency for Sony RAW and S-Log sources

Organize into libraries and bins
Catalyst Prepare is a key organizational and creative tool that allows you to arrange media into targeted, meaningful libraries and bins. Then launch the creative process with solid rough drafts. Locate the correct media, create subclips, and develop rough drafts on a storyboard in a dedicated tool designed specifically for these tasks.

Edit mode
View details, zoom to check focus, mark in/out points, adjust colors nondestructively, and create a storyboard to rough draft your vision. Edit mode enables you to zero in on the important parts of each clip. Create sub clips to easily access the best parts of each clip. Assemble, trim, and sequence a group of files into a Storyboard. Even apply color adjustments. Then render the Storyboard out in a variety of formats or export it as an EDL with media to send to Vegas Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, AVID Media Composer, Adobe Premiere or Da Vinci Resolve. The edit mode also offers the ability to automatically detect and repair flash band problems created by flash photography.

Native format support
Catalyst Prepare natively supports Sony professional formats such as XDCAM SD and HD, XDCAM EX, XAVC-Intra, XAVC Long-GOP, XAVC S, NXCAM, Sony RAW, HDCAM SR (SStP), AVCHD, AVC H.264/MPEG-4. DNxHD, HDV and DV and ProRes are also supported. All formats can be mixed and matched when building a storyboard. Multichannel files? No problem: Catalyst Prepare supports files with up to 16 channels of audio. 

Precise first-pass color correction
Work in the same high dynamic range and wide color gamut as professional cameras shooting in the S-Log or Sony RAW format. Set source, convert-to, and grade-in color spaces. Apply a look profile. Use the brightness, contrast, tone curves, color wheels, and color correction sliders to adjust color while viewing the waveform, vectorscope, and histogram displays. Transcode files that carry the new color adjustments or save the settings as standard ASC-CDL to apply later in the finishing session. The color grading tools also support the ACES color management system. Set your preview display to a before, after, split, or 2-up view to compare before-and-after adjustments.

In video, focus is critical. Catalyst Edit focuses on 4K, Sony RAW, and HD video editing so you can focus on your creativity. Deliver your most stunning video productions in all the glory you captured through your lens. You've dreamed it. You've shot it. Now cut it.

Your super-detailed 4K footage is amazing. Your wide color gamut, high-dynamic-range colors are stunning. Still, you won't get many people to watch until you cut it all together. The timeline cutting tools in Catalyst Edit concentrate on doing one thing really, really well: they help you make your video edit look as great as the content you shot.

You captured all the detail. Now you can craft it into your story.
4K acquisition captures the amazing detail of your scene like never before possible. Sony RAW and XAVC embrace the wide color gamut and high dynamic range your camera captures and lay it right there for you to use. Catalyst Edit lets you use it.

Split audio from video, create nested timelines, group select and edit.
Make edits to your project with full confidence that edits you've made later in the timeline ripple to preserve the work you've already done.
Use the Windows auto resize feature or the new split view in (Mac OSX) to take advantage of drag and drop from Catalyst Prepare to Catalyst Edit.
Add keyframeable video effects to clips, tracks, and any timeline in your project.
Fluid hover scrub makes seeking through clips in the Media Browser super-fast. Mark in and out points so you can quickly add just the material you need to get on with your edit.
Use Audio envelopes to automate your audio mix.

OpenFX plug-ins.What you shot is great. Now make it stunning with filters and effects.
Sometimes even the best footage needs a little something to make the impact you envision. Robust industry-standard OpenFX support gives you the power to enhance and adjust your video for the look you want. Use built-in filters, effects, generators, and transitions, or plug your third-party filters and effects into your project and use them with seamless integration. Whether it's subtle correction or drastic artistic flare that you're after, OpenFX support makes it all possible.

A multichannel audio workflow that finally makes sense.
As a video editing pro, you need to manage your project audio too, and multichannel audio presents an extra challenge. Catalyst Edit simplifies complex audio production from camera to delivery. It's one less headache for you to worry about.

Your future editing system grows with you.
The fast, focused approach to editing in Catalyst Edit reveals a hint of what your future production system will be. The integration with Catalyst Prepare as part of the Catalyst Production Suite unveils the secret destination: a media prep and editing system that grows with you and for you in exactly the direction you need it to grow. Catalyst Prepare and Catalyst Edit are just the beginning. Hang on; this could get wild.

File format support

Catalyst Production Suite, la solución para edición de video que Sony propone
Sony presentó recientemente Catalyst Production Suite, una herramienta todo en uno para la edición de vídeo. Una apuesta que por el momento no lo hace pero todo parece indicar que será el sustituto natural de Sony Vegas.

Catalyst Production Suite es una solución todo en uno. Una herramienta compuesta por Catalyst Browse, Catalyst Prepare y Catalyst Edit. Con la primera podremos gestionar el material con el que vamos a trabajar. La segunda son herramientas con las que igualar color, aplicar looks, seleccionar fragmentos válidos, etc. Y la última es el editor propiamente dicho.

Con soporte para la edición de vídeo en formato RAW, 4K y HD, además de un buen soporte para trabajar con el códec XAVC o el perfil de color S-Log de las cámaras de Sony, Catalyst Production Suite no pinta nada mal. Hay versión trial así que si os interesa podéis descargarla y probar.

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