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ScreenFlow 8.1

2018-09-25   Video

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Name ScreenFlow 8 1
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Created on 2018-09-26 04:16:31
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Descriptions for ScreenFlow 8.1

Record Anything. Edit Everything. Share Anywhere.

Telestream ScreenFlow is award-winning screencasting and video editing software for Mac. With high-quality screen, video, audio, and iOS capture as well as powerful editing features, ScreenFlow helps you easily create incredible looking videos and animated gifs.

ScreenFlow can record any part of your screen, or the entire monitor, while also capturing your video camera, iPad or iPhone, microphone or multi-channel audio interface and your computer’s audio – all at the same time!

ScreenFlow has won the prestigious Apple Design award for its easy-to-use editing interface, which has been updated with a new look and more controls. The editor instantly loads your recorded video and audio sources and lets you dive-in to quickly and creatively edit your video, add additional images, clips, text, or more recordings. Then polish it with professional-level animations, video motions, annotations, transitions and audio or video filters for incredible looking results.

When you are done, use the built-in sharing to publish your video directly to Vimeo, YouTube, Wistia, Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Imgur or to Telestream Cloud for professional transcoding. You can also export an animated GIF, ProRes file or MP4 directly to your desktop.


Retina display? No problem. 5K display? We have you covered there too. Capture any part of your screen or just capture everything. Our efficient algorithm enables the best full-screen, high-resolution screen capture with brilliant detail, while keeping file sizes low. Then you can zoom in on key areas during your video to give even better detail for your audience.


Easily add images, text, audio, video transitions and more to create awesome-looking videos. Add zoom and pan effects with video actions, highlight your mouse or anything on screen with callouts, draw on-screen with annotations or make your text pop with text animations. Also nested clips, closed captioning, chroma key, video motions and video animations such as spring, gravity, pulse, are just a few of the touches that make ScreenFlow editing easy and powerful.


Native to the macOS environment, you won’t find an easier to use or more intuitive interface for editing video. ScreenFlow makes the editing video easy, so users can spend more time creatively telling their story.


ScreenFlow makes exporting easy with the new automatic export options. ScreenFlow will optimize for quality and speed of export without any customizations needed. If you want to have more control, multiple export options can be customized to your exact specifications.


  • Editing performance improvements when working with Mp4 files
  • 60 fps timeline
  • Text animation effects
  • Play clips in reverse
  • Kerning customizations
  • Audio waveform rendering progress meter
  • UI support for Apple Audio Units (AUBandpass e.g.) and compatible audio filters
  • Predefined audio mixing setup for recordings
  • Custom hotkey mapping
  • New media library & global library functionality
  • Updated UI theme
  • Import media in sequence
  • Improved cursor quality
  • OLED touch bar support
  • Video tutorials link in app
  • Spanish version
  • Enhanced motion blur
  • & export
  • Automatic export options
  • MultiPass x264 & Quick Sync export
  • Estimated file size displayed before export

Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later 64 bit

Web Site:
Mac App Store:

What’s New in ScreenFlow 8.1

  • Stock Media Add a Beats per Minute (BPM) option in the Metadata/Filtering section
  • Separate Template Placeholders for Mic and Computer Audio
  • Ability to make multiple templates from an existing template
  • .SCC files getting corrupted when working with project saved to Dropbox.
  • Adding a clip from a .scc file with multiple clips adds all clips to the Global Library
  • Annotations UI displays incorrectly after ‘Reset to Defaults’ or applying a Style
  • Cannot save regular ScreenFlow document with same name as template
  • Cannot save the project error “The document Untitled” could not be saved File name too long.
  • Cannot Scroll within Detached Timeline
  • Clicking Top Menu>Window>Zoom while detached timeline is selected causes preview window to zoom instead
  • Crash when quickly opening and closing video preview
  • Deleting a file from the Global Library doesn’t remove the file from the Timeline
  • Do not show Dark/Light mode options for ScreenFlow on Mojave OS; follow system preference for light/dark mode
  • Dragging a Screen Recording and Microphone recording to the timeline shows incorrect order
  • Exiting ScreenFlow before a Stock Media file downloads will cause the loss of the media file from the saved document
  • Expired text does not show in Licenses Tab of Preferences when a Stock Media Library entitlement has expired
  • Having ‘Detached Timeline’ selected grays out Export option from the file menu.
  • HEVC file crashing ScreenFlow when added to timeline.
  • Item is removed from global library if a file with the same name is added twice.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for timeline controls do not affect the detached timeline when it is selected
  • Mojave Keystroke ‘Command Z’ crashes ScreenFlow after adding a clip to timeline.
  • Mojave Undoing Replace media results in broken display on canvas.
  • Mojave Editing canvas resolution shows choppy/delayed behavior
  • New Hotkeys are not shown as they are entered on Mojave
  • Only modifier keys are shown with Show Keystrokes on Mojave
  • Only one file is added to the Canvas/Timeline when dragging multiple files from the Media Library on macOS 10.14
  • Partial Screen Capture runs into Accessibility access message which causes beach ball non responsive state.
  • PDF causes scaling error when using Replace Media
  • Preset drop down menu within the New Document tab showing incorrect length
  • Record from iOS device is cut off when ScreenFlow is in French
  • Removing Video Filter results in Video Properties Panel displaying incorrectly
  • Replace media results in broken display on canvas
  • Rightclick menu in Media Library does not function when selecting all media using shortcut key cmd+a
  • Save as Template window can be resized on Mojave
  • Save Frame JPG has a PNG file extension
  • Scale buttons do not work after an action
  • ScreenFlow App ‘breaks’ after selecting undo from the Edit menu on 10.14 Beta
  • ScreenFlow crashes after undoing the creation of a nest on 10.14 Beta OS
  • Selecting Reset to Defaults from the Audio Mix gear menu shows an Unrecognized selector Runtime Error if used after an Audio Action
  • Show Thumbnail selection not working from contextual menu.
  • Sliders within dropdowns in the Inspector panel are exposed outside of the dropdowns on Mojave
  • Some buttons don’t contrast well on Mojave
  • Spelling error in the unrecognized format notification.
  • Starting playback of audio in ScreenFlow 8 while using bluetooth headsets causes audio to play through internal speakers
  • Stock Media Cannot Be Previewed Error…
  • Stock Media Library html page is resizable
  • Thumbnail state is ignored when closing and reopening a project after changing what Thumbnails to display
  • Update “New Documents” to include presets for iPhone X
  • Welcome screen activates the user’s camera even when option is not selected.
  • White highlights showing when ScreenFlow is in Dark Mode UI on 10.14 OS



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