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ScreenFlow 7.0

2017-08-02   Video

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Descriptions for Description

Name: ScreenFlow for Mac
Version: 7.0
Release Date: 01 Aug 2017
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version:OS X 10.11 or later 
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: Pre-K'ed (TNT)

Web Site:

ScreenFlow is powerful, easy-to-use screencasting software for the Mac. With ScreenFlow you can record the contents of your entire monitor while also capturing your video camera, microphone and your computer audio. The easy-to-use editing interface lets you creatively edit your video, and add additional images, text, music and transitions for a truly professional-looking video. The finished result is a QuickTime or Windows Media movie, ready for publishing to your Web site or blog or directly to YouTube or Vimeo. Use ScreenFlow to create high-quality software demos, tutorials, app previews, training, presentations and more.

What's New in Version 7.0:
Note: Now requires OS X 10.11 or later 

・MP4 performance improvements - Easily power through large MP4 file editing. We added significant performance improvements for MP4 files that had previously been slow to process when editing and exporting. 
・Text Animations - Add animated text effects to your videos, allowing for fun and/or creative polish in your videos. Tweak the default options to create completely new text animations! 
・Global media library - Now you can store frequently used assets in your Global Library. Every document you open will show those same assets under the Global Library icon! Perfect for workflows that use the same intro/outro graphics for each video, or any other workflow that reuses the same assets frequently. 
・Easy Auto-Export options - Our new auto export options make videos incredibly easy! Gone are the days of relying on canned presets if you are not an encoding wizard. ScreenFlow 7 lets you select between higher quality or quicker exports and automatically picks the best settings for your project. Need exacting control? We still have our manual modes too, which can be saved as custom export presets. 
・Set clips to play in reverse on the timeline - Now in ScreenFlow, you can easily set clips to play in reverse. 
・OLED Touch Bar support (MacBook Pro Late 2016) for Timeline Navigation - ScreenFlow 7 will show the timeline in the new TouchBar equipped macs. You can use the touchbar to adjust the visible sections of the timeline. 
・macOS AutoSave functionality has been turned o - ScreenFlow has its own document recovery system and when combined with the AutoSave functionality native to macOS, conflicts could arise in specific situations. Projects could easily become corrupted when saved to remote locations such as network drives or cloud storage solutions, or when transferring files between projects. The combination of both recovery systems also could use excessive storage space in certain instances. Now that there are no longer two recovery systems in competition with each other, these potential issues no longer occur. 
・Intel Quick Sync Hardware Accelerated Encoding - ScreenFlow 7 can now take advantage of hardware accelerated encoding. This is great for videos where the highest possible quality is not the main goal, and you would like the export process to have a minimal impact on system resources. 
・Implement Multi-Pass x264 Encoding - Multi-pass x264 encoding can improve quality of exports when compared with single-pass. Now, ScreenFlow will use this automatically if you select a higher quality option from the new auto-export options. 
・Add a Waveform Progress UI to show progress of waveform processing - When adding files containing audio, or applying certain audio filters, audio waveform rendering can take a lengthy amount of time to complete. Now, ScreenFlow 7 will keep you informed that it is performing an intensive process in the background, and when it is completed. This is particularly useful, as it makes the user aware that editing during render times may be slower until render completion. 
・Add support for higher timeline frame rates - In ScreenFlow 7, you can now edit in 60 fps. The timeline shows an fps indicator, and you can easily toggle between 30 or 60 fps modes. 
・User defined shortcut keys - We have added a shortcut manager in ScreenFlow 7. Users can add new shortcut keys to commands that did not previously have a shortcut assigned to it, or change existing shortcuts. You can even have di erent shortcut sets that can be changed on-the-fly! 
・Calculate exported file size - In the export window, ScreenFlow will now provide a estimated filesize. Please keep in mind, this is just an estimation. The resulting file sizes will vary. In our testing, it has been consistently close in its estimation. 
・Custom interfaces for Apple Audio Units (AU) - Apple audio units that have a UI can now have the UI launched from within ScreenFlow. 
・Made the Timeline and Inspector panels collapsible - Preview mode has been removed, and we have added a shortcut key to collapse the timeline and inspector. 
・Kern - Tighten/Loosen UI buttons - There are now buttons in the text inspector for tightening and loosening the kerning values. 
・Add media to Timeline in sequence - When adding multiple assets to the timeline, ScreenFlow will now place them in sequential order, rather than in separate tracks. 
・Panning and Gain/Volume controls for audio input devices - In the recording window, there are now Panning and Gain/Volume controls for audio devices. This is great for dialing in more complex, multi-channel workflows before the recording begins, saving time by removing the need to apply repetitious edits to each channel a er each recording. 
・Publish to Imgur - ScreenFlow 7 will allow you to quickly and easily publish directly to Imgur, perfect for GIF files. No need to export, visit the upload page, find your file, and submit. Just select Imgur from the ScreenFlow publish menu! 
・Publish to - ScreenFlow 7 enables users to quickly and easily publish videos directly to their account, without having to visit to upload your exports. 
・Spanish Language Version - ScreenFlow 7.0 now supports spanish system localization. 
・Ability to solo multiple audio channels at a time using the Command key ( ) - Similar to professional DAW so ware, ScreenFlow 7 will allow you to use the audio solo function, on more than a single source at a time. 
・Dark UI Theme - We have added a new "Dark" theme, and set it to default to help make your content stand out for an improved editing experience. Users can switch back to the previous "Light" theme within ScreenFlow preferences. 
・Enable Letterbox by default on exports - Now, letterboxing will be applied by default if the export aspect ratio di ers from the canvas aspect ratio. 
・When adding a new text clip, it should automatically focus it for editing - ScreenFlow 7 will now automatically jump to the added clip. 
・Support trackpad two finger gesture for media rotation on canvas - You can now rotate media assets using the relevant two-finger gesture on your apple touchpad. 
・Shortcuts:Allow user to Import/Export Shortcut Key Sets - You can now import and export shortcut key sets, perfect for multi-user machines, to maintain multiple workflows, or just being able to backup your custom shortcut key settings. 
・Record retina-class cursor - ScreenFlow will now record high-resolution cursors for improved quality. 
・Added a configurable keyboard shortcuts for - hiding desktop icons, select "All Clips a er Current Clip", select all clips under scrubber (S), Show Quick Media Library, and Partial Screen Recording.

・Add a Video Tutorials button the Frontend Welcome window 
・Add click e ect/UI color change for jump to beginning/end buttons when clicked 
・Add click e ect/UI color change to Edit Canvas button when selected/deselected 
・Add configurable global keyboard shortcut for Configure Recording from the ScreenFlow helper 
・Add Media Library Tooltips 
・Add legacy SF6 text system toggle 
・Add text to Lossless recording compression to explain that the setting will create a larger file size 
・Additional recording should default to "Add to current Document" in Recording Complete dialog 
・Arrow Keys (L/R) now always frame-step unless an object is selected 
・Assign a keyboard shortcut to a template action 
・Auto-Select objects pasted in Timeline 
・Change Automatic recording frame rate option to show as Highest for better clarification 
・Change the tooltips for Jump to Beginning/End buttons 
・Display Font preview for Show Keystrokes Font 
・Display Timeline frame rate on the timeline status bar 
・Ability to edit speech clip after it has been created 
・Rewrote Canvas resolution-error message for clarification 
・Improve naming scheme for additional screen recordings 
・Improve post recording dialog box 
・Include tooltip for Headphones icon audio monitor mute 
・Insert Speech Clip improvements 
・Leave the scrubber position alone when copy pasting or during any other on the timeline 
・Make exporting audio only (m4a) more user friendly 
・Menu item and keyboard shortcut to remove unused media 
・New Recording window:Rename iOS recording checkbox 
・Brought back the ability to ‘Set Mix to Mono’ 
・Publish to Vimeo:Added 2k/4k option 
・Remove internal documentation to allow updates to be done through HTML 
・Set 1920x1080 to be export default resolution 
・Typewriter action 
・Update Web High and Web Low export presets 
・Updated Jump to start/end of timeline icons to better represent 
・Use a lighter gray for the Light Theme when viewing the Media Library

・Audio clips forget their pan settings 
・Audio not being muted when disabling audio tracks on layers below layer 3 
・Audio panning dial changes undo incrementally 
・Audio preview headphones icon is difficult to see when disabled 
・Canceling Export resulting in partially exported MP4. 
・Cannot move timeline scrubber after opening a version 4 document in version 6 software. 
・Cannot record after multiple recording attempts 
・Cannot use shortcut to start partial screen recording 
・Color Controls add black bar border around video on canvas 
・Color saturation changes when a callout is enabled 
・Concerned about the difference in entered data rate vs resulting data rate. 
・Crash on Export:Assertion failure shows 
・Curve Type Actions do not match Text Easing Options 
・Duplicate ScreenFlow project with an MP3 file, the audio in the duplicate file cannot be heard 
・Error Opening File:The error message was "Error Domain=Scarlett Code=-1 "Failed to open scc file" UserInfo=... {NSLocalizedDescription=Failed to open scc file}" 
・Error:The document could not be saved/autosaved no such file or directory 
・Exporting project while Text Box or Annotation is highlighted/selected will export asset as being highlighted 
・Files can be added to Media Library multiple times when using "+" drop-down menu 
・German keyboard shortcuts 
・Imported media file displays border after Brightness adjustment 
・Invalid credentials are not rejected when logging into Telestream Cloud 
・iOS back camera video is imported upside down 
・Localized versions of ScreenFlow cannot access user guide through help menu in app 
・Manual entry of numerical value kills keyboard playback shortcut 
・Manually entering a Show Keystrokes Width value while localized in French throws a runtime error 
・MAS ScreenFlow is not writing to the designated Scratch Disk folder 
・Media Library is scrolled down by default 
・Nudge Clip shortcut is functioning incorrectly 
・Odd error message for Touch Callout Opacity 
・On-Canvas rotate is undone incrementally 
・Pressing the escape key on the Recording Complete window causes the recording to be discarded 
・Properties changes are not undone correctly a er a snapback action 
・Protected Icon does not show on locked iTunes Files 
・Publish to Vimeo data rate too low 
・Publish to Youtube limited to 60-character title - Now 100 character limit 
・Record iOS Device option unchecks itself 
・Saving and working with projects on a DropBox saved folder causes project corruption 
・Scale Animation plays upside down if Start Scale option is set to a negative number 
・FIXED - ScreenFlow 6.2 crashing unexpectedly and cycling while editing 
・ScreenFlow does not display a progress meter a er duplicating a project, making it appear unresponsive 
・ScreenFlow does not support the Photos directory structure 
・ScreenFlow hangs for a long time when opening or editing a certain project 
・Scrollbars show when zooming in/out while viewing media in Preview 
・Searching within Media Library does not work when dragging file to timeline or canvas 
・Show Captions does not update by just clicking the option 
・Some exported ProRes content goes over Max File Size 
・Some Keyboard shortcuts for Localized keyboard layouts not working 
・Splitting and moving clips with different PAN settings causes PAN settings to change 
・Splitting certain audio clips then undoing the split causes Runtime Error 
・Text Animation SCALE - Fade Characters ON/OFF = same result 
・Text clips not editable and freeze frame not visible in preview 
・The Thumbnail Preview within the media library does not show for IOS devices Timeline performance regression with waveforms in 6.0 
・Timeline seconds not showing after 1-minute mark 
・Typing in textbox produces Debugger Warning 
・Unable to export at 100% a 5k iMac recording 
・Update Google OAuth to version 2 
・ViewBridge Assertion failure shows on 10.12 OS X on new OLED Laptops 
・Corner Round Applied to Text - Corner Values change based on zoom level 
・Video actions and Video Motion actions are created incorrectly when added to a clip a er a Video Motion action 
・Video motion settings do not have a max or min setting 
・Track visibility functions incorrectly when a track is moved with a clip present on 
・the track 
・Recording Monitor timer continues to count when recording is paused 
・Publishing to YouTube with captions track enabled results in 'Error 410' 



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