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RoboFont 1.6


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Name RoboFont 1.6
Size 26.17 MB
Created on 2016-03-18 23:13:59
Hash 31e1e8b3135ddf40e1cdbf28c30b18cdbe9e0356
Files RoboFont 1.6 + Lic/BLOCK WITH LITTLE SNITCH.textClipping (0.00 kB)
RoboFont 1.6 + Lic/ (26.17 MB)
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Name: RoboFont
Version: 1.6
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Serial

OS version: 10.9 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit

More information:

Version History
RoboFont version 1.6

Warning: This update only supports 10.9+. If you have an older os please visit the download page and manualy update to RoboFont 1.6.

Font Overview
Improved alt copy of glyph selection to glyph names only.
Preserve checkboxes in the add glyph sheet.
Support for glyph note in the font overview list view and font search.
Glyph cell slider + alt will resize all open fonts cells
Improve add glyph sheet, with imports from character set or other open fonts.
Glyph Editor
Better support for orphan point selection during copy paste.
Support drag and drop glyphs to a scripting window.
Undo support for flip layers.
Use italic slant offset as a display option.
Bug fixed in transforming components selection.
Reset selection after locking an image and switching from transform mode.
Slice tool snaps to guides.
Reset image selection after locking an image.
Improved support for copy paste and preserving contour order.
Jump to glyph pushes exact matches to the top.
Bug fixed joining contours when points are on top of each other.
Dont jumpt to hidden layers.
Space Center
Enable flip.
Live preview of editing the left margin editing.
Bug fixed in Space Center when using the beam.
Space center size is a combo box.
Bug fixed in window order, when double clicking in space center.
Add in-between values when beam is active in space center.
Bug fixed in setting x, y values in guides.
Support for adding inspector window panes and toolbar items in both a font window as a glyph window with: inspectorWindowWillShowDescriptions, glyphWindowWillShowToolbarItems and fontWindowWillShowToolbarItems event notifications.
Bug fixed in glyph.isCompatible(otherGlyph) when comparing components.
ExtensionBundle has a new bundle.html attribute, must be a bool, indicating if the bundle has html help files.
Adding font.showUI() only if the font has no UI yet.
Improved to work better with layers.
Imporved getting bcpIn and bcpOut in bPoints with open contours.
Adding OpenSCriptWindow( to mojo.UI
Adding obj.getRepresentation to robofab glyph and font wrapper.
Bug fixed in getting extension icon.
Improved support for when no path is given and font has no path.
Remove closed documents from AllFonts.
Bug fixed in rounding kerning.
Bug fixed in diving a glyph.
Bug fixed in copying orphan glyphs.
Add space after # when comment lines of code.
Improved support for code completions.
font.setLayerDisplay has an option for "all".
mojo.UI.getTestInstalledFonts() and mojo.UI.testDeinstallFont(font)
Script file browers will hide empty .py files in the menu and support for alias.
Bug fixed in font.copy().
Support for subclassing internal font objects.
Improve messages while installing, de-installing extensions (with version numbers).
Adding currentFontOnly option in getting windows through mojo CurrentGlyphWindow(currentFontOnly=True) works for all windows in mojo.
Make it easier to add a UI to an existing font without a UI
Add mutatorMath + mutatorMath.designSpace icon
Visual support for multiple unicodes in inspector window.
Bug fixed in setting the transform matrix for components.
Transform pane accepts enter to apply a transformation.
Support for transform location while flipping.
Add a nice warning when assigning an unicode that already exists.
Adding agl-file path, for custom unicode to glyph name mapping. (agl: Adobe Glyph List)
Check if short key path exists.
Option to toggle __future__.division while executing a script.
Color preferences for preview fill and preview background
Improved support for sorting extensions.
Add hot key to toggle measurement info
Bug fixed: a rounding error while compiling a ttf.
Imporved test install.
Search Box in Info Sheet.
Support when users have installed vfb2ufo in /usr/local/bin.
Update the embedded FDK.
Bug fixing while generating an unsaved font.
Improved curve conversion from cubic to quadractic curves.
Support for curve conversion from quadratic to cubic with the same logic.
Improved support for test install when there is no UI.
Update color marks in the rule editor with the current colors in the font.
Hold shift down while launching will open RoboFont without any extensions installed
UI uniformity on list colors cells.

RoboFont is a UFO based, mac only, font editor.

Written from scratch in Python with scalability in mind.
The editor allows full scripting access to objects and interface.
The application is a platform for drawing and modifying
typefaces and much more...



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