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Descriptions for RevisionFX RE:Match 2.0.1 for AE macOS

REVisionFX RE:Match takes intuitive color and texture matching to a whole new level by addressing common problems on multicam and stereo shoots. RE:Match is a set of plugins to match one view of video or film to another so that it looks as if it was shot with the same camera and settings. RE:Match assumes that both image sequences are taken roughly at the same location but perhaps were not shot at the same time or from the same point-of-view.

  • Ability to globally color correct one sequence to match another.
  • Ability to globally color correct a whole sequence based on a particular point in time, or can be performed separately for each pair of frames in both sequences.
  • Ability to perform automatic global (whole image) color correction based on a smaller window of pixels for each of the image sequences.
  • Works well with over bright values and very wide dynamic ranges.
  • Matching for stereo pairs takes advantage of internal perpixel registration using optical flow methods.
  • Stereo pair matching takes into account occlusions.
  • Stereo pair matching takes into account that the two images may not have corresponding details at some of the edges of the frame.
  • Stereo matching has controls for making details, such as reflections, lens flares and specular highlights match between the two views.
  • Methods provided to remove or attenuate onlens artifacts (such as water drops on a lens).
  • Because RE:Match uses internal pixel registration, stereo matching does not require image alignment prior to use.
  • Visualization modes are provided to visualize and guide what RE:Match is doing internally.
  • Not limited to any particular resolution of images.
  • Works on all bit depths, including HDR images.

Compatibility: After Effects CS6 or later

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What’s New in RevisionFX RE:Match 2.0.1

  • PREMIERE ONLY: Fixes a bug where RE:Match Color could return the wrong image(s) when keyframing reference frames.

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