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Renoise 2.8

2016-09-02   Music

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Name: Renoise
Version: 2.8
Language: English
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.7 or later

Includes: Pre-Activation (install and play)

Web Site:

Renoise is a workstation digital audio workstation (DAW) with a refreshing touch. It allows you to record, compose, edit, process and render quality audio production using an approach based on the tracker.

In a tracker (or "tracker"), the music goes up and down in a grid easily understandable known as a pattern. Several patterns arranged in a particular order constitute a song. The editing step in a grid pattern is an excellent feature for quick and immediate flow of work. In addition, Renoise has a wide range of modern features: integrated dozens of audio processors, along with support for all formats plugins and virtual instruments most commonly used effects. The software can extend far: with scripts, you can use all the connected MIDI or OSC controller to control exactly the way you want. If you are a veteran audio or just starting out, Renoise is a fantastic addition to any environment or professional study. Renoise is very well thought for unlimited musical creativity.

 ● Multiplatform - Renoise runs on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux If you want to use Renoise in all of them, it is also possible! The license covers all platforms, so no need to register a separate copy for each operating system.
 ● Supports Plugins - Plugins offer a wide range of effects and synthesizers. With Renoise all that is within reach. Renoise supports VST, AU, LADSPA and DSSI.
 ● ReWire Support - Connect and synchronize with other applications Renoise audio with ReWire compatible. Combine the best aspects of both trackers and sequencers!
 ● Tracker interface - Very fast. That pretty much sums it up. Once you master the keyboard shortcuts, there is nothing to stop you. No annoying floating windows, most sections are integrated into a flexible, adjustable interface. Each section is easily located because it is always in the same position.
 ● Sampler - Editing and hearing samples with the Sample Editor. Because really, why I should distract you have to change to work in external editors? With Renoise it goes.
 ● Matrix Editor - The Editor Matrix (or "Pattern Matrix") is a "bird's eye view" of the patterns and song tracks. Patterns and tracks are divided into blocks that can move, copy and paste, which allows you to manage the flow of music quickly and easily.
 ● More than 26 native effects - With more than 26 native effects including, Renoise has all the essential elements needed to meet any production: reverb, delay, filters, compressors, EQ, distortion, flanger, phaser and more. Use while many of them as you want.
 ● Automation - Take advantage of the envelopes of graphs to automatically control the parameters and give your productions more variety and depth automation.
 ● Mixer - is the flexible response Renoise the traditional mixer. It also functions as an interface for managing DSP chains.
 ● Rendering for sample - Renders quickly audio clips in sequential execution through a chain of effects with new instruments. It allows reuse of a new and interesting way. Create your own loops with phrases or combinations of different sounds and effects is easy.
 ● "Plugin Grabber" - Turn the sounds of a full plug into an instrument for Renoise through Grabber Plugin. Then use the Instrument Editor to modify the behavior of the instruments. This avoids having to use many plugins using sounds instead copilados in an equivalent instrument plugin.
 ● Lua Script API - Renoise contains an API (application programming interface) that lets you customize and extend Renoise writing scripts in Lua programming language. It is a powerful integrated tool developer community.
 ● Control with alphanumeric keypad - Renoise is strongly conceived and designed to control it from the keyboard. Almost everything can be controlled from the keyboard. The flexible keyboard mapping system allows reallocate all commands, if you want to create your own configuration command. The speed that allows Renoise thanks to keyboard control is probably the biggest difference against other DAW. You control the keyboard, and you will very quickly producing music!
 ● Meta devices - devices With the goal as the Signal Follower, LFO X / Y Pad, Meta Mixer and more, can modulate or control other parameters of the computer instead of handling audio. You can even link between different tracks, so the sound design possibilities can be very complex and powerful.
 ● Tools "Add-on" - Enjoy the many add-on tools provided by the Renoise community. There are tools for everything from Renoise to step sequencer interface test synthesis algorithmic composition.
 ● Grouping Tracks - The group is not only a feature of organization to maintain the orderly project. It is also a practical routing mechanism for applying the same effects for a number of tracks. Groups and tracks can be put together and coloring with custom colors for better identification and joint vision.
 ● flexible routing - The effects of the tracks and effects on track Master facilitate routing options most exclusive. Whether the route of a single channel or 50 channels with a track full of effects, the processor of your computer hardly know the difference. This allows for flexibility in applying effects on tracks ( "tracks") or Master and routing between them extraordinary.
 ● Multi-channel input and output - Renoise offers full support for multiple channels of hardware that go in and out in real time.
 ● MIDI - Connect Renoise plugin hardware synthesizers or instruments, to send and receive notes and controller changes. Sync Renoise in master mode or slave mode.
 ● OSC - OSC ( "Open Sound Control") is an open control interface and audio applications programmatically protocol. The shooting functions are easily configurable Renoise for control as if it were a server and can send OSC commands, you can convert a client Renoise OSC by using scripts.
 ● JACK Audio Connection Kit - JACK is the leading audio interconnect technology in Linux and is fully compatible with Renoise.
 ● PDC, compensation latencies - plugins and external inputs have different amounts of latency, so the songs sound unbalanced if not treated properly. With the plugin delay compensation Renoise automatic technology, all virtual instruments and effects in their productions are synced automatically.
 ● Multi-Core Support - Unleash the full potential of your team! Renoise takes advantage of all the cores in your system to increase performance, allowing you to add more instruments and effects and heavier than before.
 ● Spectrum Analyzer - The full integrated spectrum analyzer Renoise is highly customizable, and helps identify problem areas in the final mix. It is used to compare the frequency content of different tracks or watch all the major outlet for mastering audio frequencies.



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