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Name Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 2020.1.0.0
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Descriptions for Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 2020.1.0.0

Remote Desktop Manager is an application designed to centralize all your connections and credentials. Most connections are established using either an external library or third party software.

Remote Desktop Manager is compatible with several relevant tools and technologies, including: Apple Remote Desktop, Citrix, Dameware, FTP, Hyper-V, LogMeIn, Microsoft Remote Assistance, Microsoft Remote Desktop, Radmin, SSH Shell, TeamViewer, Telnet, Terminal Services, VMware, VNC, SCP, X Windows, and more! In fact, if it possesses a command line interface, the app can invoke it

Features and Highlights

Remote Connection Management

Securely centralize, manage and launch all your remote connections from a single platform.

Password Management

Store all your passwords and credentials in a secure and centralized vault or use existing password manager, such as KeePass and many others.

Secure Access to Critical Assets

Protect your connections from various security attacks and insider threats using a granular protection access control.

IT Team Solution

Fully integrated features for teams, allowing easy sharing and user administration.

Ease of Management

Ease the administrative burden of managing permissions and accounts. Create templates to simplify management.

Audits and Reports

Perform audits and generate customized reports based on specific criteria.


OS X 10.9.0 or later

What’s New in Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 2020.1.0.0

New Features:

  • Added AppleScript command to get the datasource list and to select the current data source
  • Added AppleScript command to get the opened sessions list and close them


  • Added “Collapsed sub-connections on filter” option
  • Added “Connect (Execute)” permission in session settings view
  • Added “Edit (Special Actions)” to the ribon Edit page
  • Added 1Password “Domain search” field
  • Added 1Password credentials in My Account Settings
  • Added entry Home Page option
  • Added multi-account support to DOD and DODB datasources
  • Added support for Devolutions Hub client-side encryption
  • Added TLS 1.2 support to MySQL datasource
  • Improved Batch Grant Access view
  • Improved data source load time
  • Removed Data Source lock
  • Updated CyberArk entry


  • Activity Logs window remaining enabled even when changing datasource
  • Crash when closing application with Preferences window opened
  • Credit Card entry info not appearing when being viewed/edited
  • Dark text on dark background in the detail view description view with the Dark Theme
  • Datasource Configuration views always selecting first item when cancelling editing
  • Datasource list not properly refreshing when adding a data source in the Register Product view
  • Entries losing credentials when editing their parent’s parent folder
  • Entry permission settings user label resizing the entire settings view
  • Error loading datasources containing entries with corrupted images
  • Error when emptying the Web Browser session “Autofill delay” field
  • Error when trying to Export or Send to Support the My Datasource Information of a Devolutions Online Drive datasource
  • FTP/SCP/SFTP sessions not showing an error message when failing to connect
  • Misaligned cursor when using the RDP “Optimize for Retina displays” option
  • OTP Entry view not being recorded as a password viewed in the activity logs
  • Possible error when clicking on the table view of the Pack Datasource view
  • Possible error when closing the Web entry Equivalent URLs view
  • Remote Tools panel being available in data source that do not support Remote Tools
  • SFTP sessions failing to connect
  • Some user settings not being saved properly (e.g. Offline mode)
  • System message being slightly offset


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