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Descriptions for Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 2019.1.5.0

Remote Desktop Manager – is a small application to control the remote connection. With Remote Desktop Manager program, you can add, edit, delete, organize or find your remote connection quickly. The utility is compatible with the Microsoft Remote Desktop or Terminal Services, is a very simple to use, but at the same time is powerful and effective. Remote Desktop Manager is suitable for any user.

Remote Connections

Connect any session type, such as: RDP, SSH, Web, VNC, Telnet, Apple Remote Desktop, TeamViewer, LogMeIn and many more
Increase productivity and efficiency with all the integrated applications
Securely connect to more than multiple VPN types

Password Management

Save and manage all your passwords
Input credentials and automatically login everywhere
Import or integrate existing password managers, such as 1Password and many more

Documents & Information

Protect sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, serial numbers and bank accounts
Store, share and link documents and contacts
Create templates to simplify management

TeamTeam Solution

Share and centralize all of your connections and passwords within the organization
Access your data when offline
Manage and restrict user access
View connection logs and track all remote access details


Secure the organization via the best encryption algorithm
Generate strong passwords and identify weak passwords
U.S. federal government approved encryption

User Interface & Organization

Intuitive interface for all types of users
Easy to deploy and use in an Enterprise environment
No extensive training required

New Features and Improvements in version 4
  • MultiRepositories
  • SQL Server DB Login
  • RoleBased Security
  • Root Entry
  • Proxy Tunnel (HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS4a, SOCKS5)
  • WebDAV File Browser
  • SCP File Browser
  • Native SFTP File Browser
  • VPN Mac Specific Settings
  • Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
  • 800MHz processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  • 200 MB hard drive space

Web Site:

What’s New in Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 2019.1.5.0

  • Support for Jump host
  • Support for “Allow Notes in Information” root option
  • Copying entry from shared vault to private vault needlessly asking for overriding
  • Crash when closing the Import Csv Wizard window
  • Double prompt when cancelling View Password on Password List
  • Icons missing in Dashboard Overview for many entry types
  • Native crash reporter lacking some diagnostic information
  • Nonadmin user being able to add forbidden password
  • Passportal list prompt search field clear button not working
  • Password List allowing items without username or password
  • Possible crash when closing the “Submit a Support Ticket” view
  • Root settings being available from Private Vault
  • Selecting image in image picker already set to another entry causing an error
  • Toggle Favorite being enabled on Root entry
  • User with cache only being able to use the data source in offline mode



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