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Rama Slab – Font


Rama Slab font icon
NameRama Slab – Font
Size3.17 MB
Created on2015-07-29 23:43:24
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Rama Slab is an antiqued slab serif designed inspired by 1800s-style wood type.

All glyphs had been designed carefully to be retro-looking of the old time and to fill all with nostalgia.
This condensed font family with 18 styles will be the best solution for posters, titles and anywhere you need impact.


Rama Slab/RamaSlabC-Bold.otf (58.90 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabC-Bold.ttf (114.0 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabC-Heavy.otf (55.38 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabC-Heavy.ttf (109.0 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabC-Light.otf (62.50 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabC-Light.ttf (116.5 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabC-Regular.otf (61.38 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabC-Regular.ttf (116.0 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabC-SemiBold.otf (59.93 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabC-SemiBold.ttf (73.70 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabC-Thin.otf (61.53 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabC-Thin.ttf (114.9 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabE-Bold.otf (65.14 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabE-Bold.ttf (115.4 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabE-Heavy.otf (61.30 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabE-Heavy.ttf (102.3 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabE-Light.otf (66.80 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabE-Light.ttf (118.3 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabE-Regular.otf (67.30 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabE-Regular.ttf (118.9 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabE-SemiBold.otf (65.09 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabE-SemiBold.ttf (118.7 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabE-Thin.otf (65.73 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabE-Thin.ttf (118.9 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabM-Bold.otf (62.92 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabM-Bold.ttf (118.2 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabM-Heavy.otf (60.53 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabM-Heavy.ttf (109.0 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabM-Light.otf (64.46 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabM-Light.ttf (119.8 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabM-Regular.otf (63.70 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabM-Regular.ttf (119.0 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabM-SemiBold.otf (63.56 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabM-SemiBold.ttf (120.5 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabM-Thin.otf (64.17 kB)
Rama Slab/RamaSlabM-Thin.ttf (119.3 kB)


Rama slab font cap1
Rama slab font cap2
Rama slab font cap3
Rama slab font cap4
Rama slab font cap5
Rama slab font cap6
Rama slab font cap7
Rama slab font cap8
Rama slab font cap9

-Graphics & Design


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