Pixel Film Studios – TransDub: Dubstep Transitions for Final Cut Pro X

2017-05-31   Graphics & Design Video

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Descriptions for Pixel Film Studios – TransDub – Dubstep Transitions for FCPX

Add a little chaos to your next music video with TransDub from Pixel Film Studios. Flash, spin and separate your way from one clip to the next creating awesome and energetic looks that will compliment your favorite dubstep music. Simply drag and drop the transitions between two of your clips and watch as the beat goes on!

Web Site: http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/product/transdub/

Dubstep Inspired Transitions with TransDub in FCPX

And the Beat Goes On!

And the Beat Goes On

Don’t drop the beat on your next FCPX project. With TransDub, you can continue the energy from one clip to the next with over 65 sick and exciting transitions and effects. Simply drag and drop the transitions between two of your clips and watch as the beat goes on!

Go DJ Pump this Party!

Go DJ Pump this Party

With 20 epic Turntable transitions to choose from you can spin, zoom, and scratch you way through to the music in Final Cut Pro X. Simply drag one of the transitions from the FCPX transitions browser between your clips, stretch it out as much as you like, and get ready to rage.

Mirror and Magnify

Mirror and Magnify

Use TransDub’s sick mirror or magnifying effects to create awesome, kinetic transitions by sliding shards of glass across the surface of your footage. With the Magnified Shards plugins, users can quickly add individual effects to each shard layer to create unique looks.

Only for Final Cut Pro X

Only for Final Cut Pro X

TransDub was professionally designed by the team at Pixel Film Studios for Final Cut Pro X. As an FCPX transition, these plugins can be dragged-and-dropped between your footage and previewed in real time. TransDub also contains easy-to-use controls built into the Final Cut Pro X Inspector that allow you to customize your looks quickly.

Pixel Film Studios – TransDub – FCPX Plugin – Pixel Film Studios

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