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Pixel Film Studios – ProLens Lens Plugins for Final Cut Pro X


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Pixel Film Studios – ProLens Lens – Lens Plugins for FCPX

Create the cinematic masterpiece you always wanted to with PROLENS. This bundle of professional lens plugins and video enhancing tools for FCPX will help you look like a professional Cameraman. Use the plugins in PROLENS to give your footage optical looks that you could normally only achieve in-camera and by owning many expensive lenses.

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Cinematic Lens Tools with ProLens in Final Cut Pro X


Use Pro Go to correct your fisheye distortion in FCPX. Simply drag and drop the Pro Go plugin onto your footage to fix the horizon curves in your shot. Then, use the effect controls to keep or remove the exact amount of distortion you want.


Tilt Shift is a powerful plugin that can quickly turn your footage into a miniture, stop-motion simulation. With easy-to-use on-screen controls, this plugin is also the most intuitive and accurate tilt shift effect available for FCPX!


Selective Focus allows you to draw your viewers attention to a specific section of the screen by creating a blur halo around the object of interest. Simply, drag and drop the plugin onto you clip and then use Selective Focus’s on-screen controls to dial in the precise look you want.


Want to filter out an overly-bright sky without effecting the rest of your image? Enter the ND Filter plugin. An ND filter is great way to reduce the intensity of light, and with a multiple-point mask, you can filter the exact section of the image that is over-exposed without darkening the rest. Also, with the Graduated Filter plugin, you can choose a hue gradient for your filter.


If your are filming a music video or Sci-Fi movie, an Anamorphic Filter is a great styalistic approach. Use the Anamorphic Filter plugin included in PROLENS to add horizontal or verticle lens flares to the light sources in your footage.


If you are struggling to properly set the white balance on your camera, you don’t have to worry anymore. With the White Balance plugin, you can remove any unsightly blue or orange tint that may be due to an improper white balance temperature.


Use the ISO Adjust plugin to brighten dark footage without increasing the amount of noise and film grain. With this safe ISO booster, you can save clips from underlit shoots.


Have noisy or grainy footage that you would like to use? Try Pixel Film Studios’s Denoiser plugin, a great way to get your video looking sharp and clean. The Denoiser plugin removes noise and grain while leaving the important details intact for a great-looking video in FCPX.

Pixel Film Studios – ProLens Lens – Final Cut Pro X Plugins – Pixel FIlm Studios

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