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PhotoLine 22.02


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Name PhotoLine v22.02 Ked
Size 28.42 MB
Created on 2020-05-30 05:32:33
Hash f879cdf3534c0dfeff75d6e342bb34b616514482
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Descriptions for PhotoLine 22.02

PhotoLine is an image processing utility, image browser, layout program, vector editor, batchconverter and Web editor with a multitude of powerful functions. It is available as 32- or 64-bit application. Imaging functions supported are Lab, CMYK, 16 bit channels, ICC profiles, and raw data profiles for digital cameras.

PhotoLine offers all the tools you need: painting, cloning, filtering, blending and flood fill, special effects like squirl, shadow, glowing, distorb, morphing, 3d projection. Also supports, working layers, clipping layers, dynamic layer effects. EXIF digital camera data and IPTC data are also supported. Multiple undo/redo levels, plugin filters and much more.

Save and read your PDF files with PhotoLine. Create vector graphics, add, remove, move vector points. Convert lines to beziers, fill with pattern, etc.

PhotoLine also has an action recorder. You can record your jobs and use the batch converter to convert them into an animated gif. Do all your work for the Web with PhotoLine. Transparent and animated GIFs, animations, JPEG2000, HD-Photo, Flash format (swf). Create animated buttons, image maps, and more with PhotoLine!

Image Processing

  • Up to 32 bit per channel, support of CMYK and Lab
  • Color management with ICC profiles
  • Lossless imaging
  • Process digital photos
  • Retouch, correct, …


  • IPTC and EXIF data handling
  • Rotate images lossless
  • Rename images and create catalogues
  • Create HTML galleries
  • Add and edit keywords
  • Powerful search capabilities


  • “Real” PDF Import and Export (not just a big image)
  • Multipage documents
  • Calendar and barcode creation
  • Rich text functions


  • Create Flash and GIF animations
  • Web Export
  • Tile images, create buttons and image maps

Many more

  • Batch conversion
  • Create slideshows
  • Record actions
  • Print multipage documents, flyers and labels
  • USBStick support
  • Multiprocessor support


macOS 10.6 or later.

What’s New in PhotoLine 22.02


  • Pixel grid, Windows: The minimum zoom factor is multiplied by the screen DPI
  • Color management, black point: Is only set if it is used by the CMS
  • PDF export: With virtual copies, vectorial layer masks no longer lead to conversion into an image
  • Scan, Windows, Twain: The scanned layer is activated

Bug fixes:

  • Soft brushes, scaling with shift + mouse wheel: inner radius could always be larger
  • PSD import, color lists: Reading lab colors did not work properly
  • Color editor, Windows: Text fields had black bars
  • Open document, macOS: Changes to the file name in Finder did not rename the document
  • Edit> Paste as Document: If the text layers are too small, the new document may not have the correct size
  • Text tool, tool settings: Multiple values by selection were not reset
  • PDF export, gradients: Gradients with extreme gamma values are exported better
  • Mouse pointer, macOS: Arrow mouse pointer did not work properly
  • Tabs in modal dialogs, moving the dialog, macOS: changing the sub-dialog did not work after moving
  • Text output, macOS: 10.15 smoothes text in a gray image very differently than in a color image. Therefore, text is now output in a color image
  • Rectangles, pixel mode: It could happen that rectangles in pixel mode with a zoom> 100% were output one pixel too small
  • Dynamic filters, layer mask: Dynamic filters with layer mask could lead to a crash
  • Color lists, Windows, drag & drop: No new color could be created using drag & drop
  • PDF export, SVG export: Exporting a virtual copy of a layer with a layer mask did not save the layer mask
  • TIFF import, 16 bit, premultiplied alpha: wrong colors could be generated
  • Lens correction: Now supports gray images directly
  • Lens correction, vignette: did not work with gray images
  • Lens correction, Lensfun: If a lens with a filtered view was not visible, it was not displayed even after filtering was switched off
  • EXR import: If necessary, are now loaded as a document (thus correct bit depth and color profile), gray images are invisible by default
  • Layer tool, context menu: The clicked layers are displayed in the same order as in the layer list
  • Placeholders, work levels: Placeholders with grouped work levels ignored the color profile of the file of the placeholder when building the cache


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