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PhotoLine 21.50


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Descriptions for PhotoLine 21.50

PhotoLine is an image processing utility, image browser, layout program, vector editor, batchconverter and Web editor with a multitude of powerful functions. It is available as 32- or 64-bit application. Imaging functions supported are Lab, CMYK, 16 bit channels, ICC profiles, and raw data profiles for digital cameras.

PhotoLine offers all the tools you need: painting, cloning, filtering, blending and flood fill, special effects like squirl, shadow, glowing, distorb, morphing, 3d projection. Also supports, working layers, clipping layers, dynamic layer effects. EXIF digital camera data and IPTC data are also supported. Multiple undo/redo levels, plugin filters and much more.

Save and read your PDF files with PhotoLine. Create vector graphics, add, remove, move vector points. Convert lines to beziers, fill with pattern, etc.

PhotoLine also has an action recorder. You can record your jobs and use the batch converter to convert them into an animated gif. Do all your work for the Web with PhotoLine. Transparent and animated GIFs, animations, JPEG2000, HD-Photo, Flash format (swf). Create animated buttons, image maps, and more with PhotoLine!

Image Processing
  • Up to 32 bit per channel, support of CMYK and Lab
  • Color management with ICC profiles
  • Lossless imaging
  • Process digital photos
  • Retouch, correct, …
  • IPTC and EXIF data handling
  • Rotate images lossless
  • Rename images and create catalogues
  • Create HTML galleries
  • Add and edit keywords
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • “Real” PDF Import and Export (not just a big image)
  • Multipage documents
  • Calendar and barcode creation
  • Rich text functions
  • Create Flash and GIF animations
  • Web Export
  • Tile images, create buttons and image maps
Many more
  • Batch conversion
  • Create slideshows
  • Record actions
  • Print multipage documents, flyers and labels
  • USBStick support
  • Multiprocessor support

Compatibility: macOS 10.6 or later.

Web Site:

What’s New in PhotoLine 21.50


  • Tablet support improved
  • now works without WinTab (Windows 10)
  • Tilt support: Can be enabled in the tool settings of the respective tool (e.g. brush) on the right of the presets.
  • Text layer size: Adjust to content size by doubleclicking on frame handle


Lens correction:
  • Windows: Typing in lens list preselects items
  • Placeholder: If a lens correction is applied to a placeholder as a dynamic filter, the correct EXIF data is now used.
  • Lensfun: Optional only the lenses matching the camera are displayed.
  • Handling without suitable lens improved
  • Lensfun support, Sony: Better support for Sony lenses
  • PDF import
  • New faster with many layers
  • Unnecessary rectangular clipping layers are removed
  • Text is combined to lines
  • JPEG export, clipping path: Can now also export documents consisting of a group and a clipping path as JPEG with clipping path
  • EXR import: XYZlayers are combined to groups, even if one of them doesn’t have a letter
  • PNG export: With “Optimize Size” switch
  • File > Import > GSImport, macOS: now starts Ghostscript optionally from /usr/local/bin/gs
  • Scripts can now perform actions as operations
  • AppleScript “save” with filename and VBScript “saveAs” now saves an additional PLD version if required
  • Binary data can now also be passed as hex string or Base64
  • Barcodes can be generated
  • new operation “Resize”
  • Under Windows there is IPLDocument.Merge, under macOS there is the “merge” command
  • Windows: New command “SaveDialog”: path = doc.SaveDialog(String dialogTitle = “”, String defaultPath = “”)
  • New operations: MakeSelection, InvertSelection, ClearSelection, FillSelection.
  • Actions now with “ShowDialog” parameter
  • Copy/paste support
  • Input: Under Windows now with IApplication.InputBox, under macOS with “input box”
  • “Save as” as action: If the file name is the default untitled name, it is replaced by the document path and name.
  • Variable Blur, Dynamic Filter: The variable Blur is now available as Dynamic Filter. The placeholder file must have a mask.
  • Browse, Search: Now with presets
  • Clipboard, Windows: More data types are now placed on the clipboard: PDF, SVG, JPEG, PNG and TIFF
  • Filter > Quality > Exposure: now works directly, for float images therefore now without clipping
  • Automask: with merged reading
  • Lasso tool, aspect ratio: the ratio was only applied if proportional was on.
  • Measuring tool uses the dpi of the document
  • “Edit vector points” tool: Points created by doubleclick are selected and can be moved directly.
  • Vector paths: curve point handles are now round
  • Vector layer, assign pattern: Transformation is retained when Alt key is held down
  • Selection tools available for virtual copies
  • Drag file to document, placeholder: pressing Shift does not drag file to placeholder
  • Virtual copies, path effects: Virtual copies can now have path effects (important for virtual copies in placeholders that have an outline distortion applied to them)
Text layers:
  • Editing: CtrlDelete/Backspace deletes word by word (Alt on macOS)
  • Spelling checking: The spelling checking is only displayed in the text tool for the active layer.
  • Spell checker: The spell checker is now displayed in color in documents with gray profile.
  • Shape flow: Flow distance can now be changed for several layers simultaneously
  • Register accuracy, shape flow: The first line of a text frame could be out of register.
  • Layer list
  • Mask by clicking on thumbnail: Revised
  • Mask by clicking on thumbnail: Both intensity and transparency can be added and subtracted now
  • Label color: If child layers do not have their own label color, they inherit the color of their group.
  • Color lists from QuarkXPress can be read
  • Plugin interface updated
  • Mosaic: The relative flattening of the highlighting now refers to the cell size
  • Group many levels: Accelerated
  • Delete many layers: Accelerated
  • Setting the ruler origin: The dialog now displays the appropriate help.
  • Ruler: now has references to help
  • Drag a guide line from the ruler: Displays position
  • Convert layer to lasso: Vectors without an outline now always use the path
  • Shortcuts, Windows: Simple shortcuts without Ctrl now ignore the Caps Lock key
  • Dropdown lists, Windows: Improved keyboard control (arrow keys, selection by typing)
  • 16bit display in the Picture Info
  • Adjustment layers, modal dialog, Undo: Several modal adjustment layer changes are no longer combined.
  • Grain Filter: With presets
  • Window maximization, macOS: Just as the Windows version, the macOS version now remembers whether the last document window was maximized.
  • Used libraries updated
Bug fixes:
  • Text register: sometimes did not draw a line
  • Text register: Text register was not used when copying pages/pasting text layers from other documents.
  • Text wrap: strange spikes with shape flow around transparent image fixed
  • Text flow with layer effect: Background effects (e.g. “shadow outside”) did not output the text flow correctly during export.
  • Text layer, assign paragraph style, retain manual formatting: If a new paragraph style was assigned while holding down the Shift key, the text formatting did not change.
  • Text layers, text register: Has also been applied to rotated layers
  • PDF import: Strange PDFs with an empty Cross Reference Table at the end are read correctly
  • PDF import: FlateDecode with Predictor 3 decoded the first pixel incorrectly
  • PDF import: Process colors are no longer turned into spot colors
  • PDF export: Virtual copies with adjustment layers/iamge clipping were not exported correctly
  • PDF export: Problem with exporting strange characters fixed
  • PDF export: Layers that need to be rendered now take the background color of the document into account for merge modes
  • PDF export, 1bit images, unregistered version: there was a saving error
  • SVG and PDF export, placeholders, dynamic filters with replace mode: dynamic filters with replace mode were not exported correctly (with PDF 1.4 only)
  • PSD export: When saving vector paths, the export could be aborted
  • Raw import: memory leak when opening raw files
  • Conversion of multiple layers: It always change both the image type and color depth.
  • Select colors: 32bit with alpha the preview showed stripes
  • Plug ins: Mask was no longer used
  • Drag&drop layer, placeholder: If a layer was dragged to a placeholder layer, the placeholder layer was replaced.
  • Copy/paste, lasso, vector layers: The size of the pasted layer was often not correct
  • Adaptive sharpener: sometimes wrong transparency was created with 32bit and transparency
  • Docked dialogs, Windows: Tab changed focus to other docked dialogs
  • Browse: Focus is set to file list after opening
  • Toolbar, 2 rows, vector, large icons: The vector settings were not adjusted to the toolbar width.
  • “Edit vector points” tool, edit pattern transformation in document: Colors that were relative to one of their groups showed the wrong transformation rectangle
  • Ruler tool: didn’t work correctly
  • Line tool: “In active layer” did not work with images
  • Copy brush: The document preview used the wrong intensity until it was changed for the first time.
  • Painting tool: Didn’t remember settings
  • Painting tools, copy brush, channel list: If the editing was restricted to one channel in the channel list and then switched to the painting tools/copying pencil, the restriction was not active.
  • Distortion tool: crash occurred when deleting nodes
  • “Curve creation” tool: If the mouse pointer was over a path, the wrong help text was displayed in the status bar.
  • Scripting, gradients: only linear gradients were possible
  • Scripting, Windows: IPLLayer.Origin did not work with the background layer
  • Scripting: Save/SaveAs (Windows), and save (macOS) now support “ShowDialog” and “Title”.
  • Scripting, Windows, arrays as parameters: Arrays passed as reference were not supported.
  • Scripting, Windows: Error messages are no longer truncated
  • Scripting, Windows: IPLMatrix.TransformPoints/Sizes/Rectangles did not work with VBScript
  • Patterns, spot colors: Patterns did not delete the spot channels
  • Layer list, search function: Altclick on marker now works even if not all layers are displayed
  • Page list: Moving several complete pages forward did not work properly
  • Layer attributes, clipping: When changing the width, clipping was always activated for adjustment layers.
  • Browse, EXIF data, Mac: may have been displayed without scroll bar
  • Convert layer type: System images (which were created somehow, how is not clear) can now be converted to RGB
  • Change document size, picture mode: another layer may have been activated afterwards
  • Curves, transparency, 16bit and 32bit images: Curves didn’t change the transparency properly
  • Save layer: Path text and shape flow are retained during saving
  • Lens correction: Possible crash due to last used lenses fixed
  • 1bit images: Support for blend modes
  • 1bit images: rotated images with alpha and a width of more than 8192 pixels are output correctly
  • Histogram, extended display: median adjusted to Ps
  • Color Editor, Windows, color picker, document window: Under Windows, the color picker of the Color Editor did not use the color profile of a document window.
  • Edit > Cut, Vector, Lasso: Cutting to a vector layer with a lasso caused a crash
  • Layout > Page > Load page(s): if the selected document was an image, there could be a crash
  • Filter > Quality > Pixelize: Now also edits the transparency
  • Vector layer, pixel alignment: It is now aligned even if smoothing is switched off.
  • “Save as” as action: Crash when editing the action step without document
  • Convert layer type, path text to vector: path text could not be converted to vector
  • Fixed problem with Document Information on images without any data
  • Spelling checker, Windows: Problems with language switching fixed
  • Lines, nonantialiased, macOS: the nonantialiased output of the operating system looked terrible, we now use our own
  • Roughen filter: If Alpha was switched off, the horizontal scaling of the Rough pattern changed.
  • “Adjustment Layer” dialog, histogram: The histogram was not updated when a script changed another layer than the active one.



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