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PhotoLine 19.0.2

2015-10-01   Photography

Name PhotoLine 19.0.2
Size 29.62 MB
Created on 2015-09-24 12:38:49
Hash 3b1b09277c2a39641f2b6073eff1179a6df671c2
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Descriptions for Description

Version: 19.02
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Serial

OS version: 10.6 or later

Use the included Serials.

What's new in Version 19.02:

SVG with settings
Convert SVG export with fonts to paths
Text layers: Vertical text alignment can now also "down"
Color Management: Compensation (Black Point)
Ruler tool with font size setting
Multiple renaming with keywords
Read barcode with option {pf} to CSV data
Load document OS X: Files that are loaded on OS X, are now imported as PDF (EPS)
Load document OS X: Images are now possibly loaded on the system with 16/32 bit and with color profile
Path Draw: Now supports pattern colors, color variance of brush and width curve of the line style
Full screen view by pressing the Alt key zooms all opened images
PDF Import: reading PDF / X files now Dest Output Profiles
PDF import: 1-bit images and images with 1-bit mask are read better
PDF Import: ExtGState Dictionary of old PDFs are read correctly
PDF Import: RLE encoded data has not been read correctly
PDF import, Type3 fonts: Font matrix is evaluated
Text layer: Selection is testweise issued as part of a transparent gray with difference
Status bar, Windows: shows at 2 points now angle and length
Revised PSD Import
Layer List, Preview: Alt + Shift + click Arbeitsebenen- / layer mask preview image shows mask transparent
Brush Size: About Shift + scroll wheel changeable
Paste ruler settings, insert character settings: When the Text tool is not active, the command is applied to all the selected text layers
Color Picker: "... from an active level" now also acts non-images in
Eben tool pivot point: is now stored in the PLD
Edit> Delete, Mac OS: now standard also remove a keyboard shortcut
Color Editor: color palette is adapted to current color model
Layer List: Group show now possibly the intensity of
Layer effect special highlighting: Works precise
Settings, color management, printers, Windows: Now with "System"
Layers attributes Bleed: entry now with icon and inline editing
Revised JpegExport
Next / Previous image: Document Size is maintained more often
Import for ASFE color palettes
Document window, implicit pixel mode: If a document has pixel mode implicitly turned that appears greyed out and the menu entry
Painting with textures / patterns: If they are not transformed, painted faster
Merge with Time Bar

PhotoLine is an image processing utility, image browser, layout program, vector editor, batchconverter and Web editor with a multitude of powerful functions.

PhotoLine is available as 32 or 64 bit application. Imaging functions supported are Lab, CMYK, 16 bit channels, ICC profiles and raw data profiles for digital cameras. PhotoLine offers all the tools you need: Painting, cloning, filtering, blending and flood fill, special effects like squirl, shadow, glowing, distorb, morphing, 3d projection. Also supports, working layers, clipping layers, dynamic layer effects. EXIF digital camera data and IPTC data are also supported. Multiple undo/redo levels, plugin filters and much more.

Save and read your PDF-files with PhotoLine. Create vector graphics, add, remove, move vector points. Convert lines to beziers, fill with pattern, etc.

PhotoLine also has an action recorder. You can record your jobs and use the batch converter to convert them into an animated gif. Do all your work for the Web with PhotoLine. Transparent and animated GIFs, animations, JPEG2000, HD-Photo, Flash format (swf). Create animated buttons, image maps, and more with PhotoLine!

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