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Peppermint 1.4

2015-01-19   Developer Tools Editor

  • Name: Peppermint 1.4
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  • Created on: Sat Jan 17 00:19:20 2015
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Name: Peppermint
Version: 1.4 (2652)
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: K

OS version: OS X 10.7 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Block connections to:

Yosemite Compatible Patcher

Courtesy of Special [K]

What's New? Version 1.4
Ruby (Run): Script executed with user input, not correctly outputting data — unbuffered execution
Python (Run): Script executed with user input, not correctly outputting data — unbuffered execution
FTP/SFTP : Fixed issues with FTP/SFTP downloading + slow file listing (still more enhancements coming!)
Word Wrap + Indentation: Fixed the issue of text not being indented properly when using word wrap

Terminal (all modes): “Run” command added, for executing Run plugins – if available
Preferences > Editor: Option to set custom font manually (selection via Font Panel pending)
Preferences > Editor: Option to set custom tab size manually
Added actual checking for Unsaved Changes before displaying the annoying confirmation dialog, on quit
Preferences Panel – rewritten/redesigned from scratch
File Manager: Option to select default spec for new (untitled) documents
File Manager: Option to specify default encoding (UTF-8, Windows CP*, Shift-JIS, and more)
File Manager: Option to add folders/directories on top
File Manager: Option to filter files by regex
General preferences: Option to select behaviour on start up (new document / restore previous documents)
General preferences: Option to select behaviour on quit
Editor preferences: Option to set global font & font size
Cleaned up Global Plugins, and hierarchy
Lua compiler integration
LESS (node) integration
Cleaned up official themes + migration to the new simplified LESS format
Ctrl+Z added for terminating terminal tasks
Added option for 2-space tabs
Cleaned up menu items, under View and Document

Erlang: Run/Run with Arguments
Elixir: Run/Run with Arguments
Share: On Pastie, On Pastie (private)
Text Plugin (Global): Spaces to Tabs, Tabs to Spaces, Convert to Uppercase/Lowercase/Titlecase
Lines Plugin (Global): Sort Ascending, Sort Descending, Remove Duplicates, Sort and Remove Duplicates, Reverse Order
Shell Support – new command line interface (pmint)
TypeScript : Preview/Live Preview/Compile plugins added
LESS: Preview/Live Preview/Compile added
Prolog: Run support added
Dart support added
Jade support added
Stylus support added
Curly support added
Twig support added
VHDL support added
*Complete Changelog (covers versions: 1.3b, 1.3c, 1.3d, 1.4)

Full Release Notes:

More Info:

The tweakable Swiss Army knife for Coding on your Mac.
The freshest, eco-friendly Code Editor for your Mac.

Click & Run
— Instantly Run/Preview your code, without ever leaving Peppermint, for over 30 different programming languages.
Live Console
— Did you know Peppermint features a full-fledged CoffeeScript-powered console and API? Need Javascript or a full Bash terminal within a click's reach? That's included too!
— Advanced Editing at your fingertips: Snippets, Autocompletion, Incremental Search, Multiple cursors, Advanced Search&Replace with Regex, Smart Undo-Redo and More!
— Over 70 different syntaxes supported for all your everyday coding needs. Need a specific language not already included? Just drop us a line!
— Dozens of plugins/extensions for everything you need: live preview your HTML, convert LESS or Markdown, beautify CSS/JS/HTML, complete FTP/SFTP support, Regex Editor, share your Gists! Need even more? Have a look at our User plugins or create your own!
— With more than 10 different built-in dark & bright themes to choose from, adding some colour to your coding life has never been easier.

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