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Descriptions for Paintstorm Studio 2.21.150318

Name: Paintstorm Studio
Version: 2.21.150318
Developer: Sergei Komarov
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.7 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: K

Web Site:


Digital painting studio that provides quick access to an extensive collection of drawing tools, includes support for working with masks and layers, and strives to make everything as user-friendly as possible

Paintstorm Studio is a comprehensive software solution that aims to provide a streamlined experience when working on digital paintings.

The Paintstorm Studio app features numerous brushes, allows you to use masks and layers, and helps you deal with all sorts of details.

Digital painting studio that features a customizable user interface

The Paintstorm Studio working space is surrounded by numerous panels that provide access to all the available tools and can be moved around with simple drag and drop actions. What’s more, the app comes with a control panel that allows you to toggle their visibility.

Paintstorm Studio keeps the editing tools organized by purpose: tools, tools options, brush options, layer, color wheel, navigator, graphs presets, mixer, brushes, reference, script, color swatches or workspace.

Naturally, each of the included tools comes with its own customization options, so you get to adjust the brushes blending mode, size, opacity, transparency, spacing, and so on.

The developers provide an online Help documentation that includes details about the available tools, brush options, or frequently used hotkeys, but you can also decide to start exploring on your own to discover what you can do.

Import photos or start digital projects from scratch

Within the Paintstorm Studio working space, you can choose to begin drawing on a clean sheet, or you can import image files as your starting point. The digital studio allows you to resize both the canvas and the image, and you can also modify the color balance and brightness, the hue and saturation.

At the same time, Paintstorm Studio offers you the possibility to work with masks and layers, which means that you can get quite inventive and create beautiful effects. The editor also features blur and sharpen filters.

Worth mentioning is that Paintstorm Studio comes with a script function that records your actions and is able to reproduce them anytime you like. The recorded scripts can be saved and used in later projects with minimal effort.

Comprehensive digital drawing solution designed to provide a pleasant workspace

Bottom line, Paintstorm Studio offers you the possibility to experiment with digital painting with the help of readily accessible tools. The studio does not feature an extensive documentation, but you can go online to learn the lay of the land.

Given the modular nature of the Paintstorm Studio's interface, you get to rearranged all the available tools panels any way you like, which means that you have the power to create a working space that meets your need in full.

What’s new in Paintstorm Studio

March 16th, 2018

  • This update is dedicated to fixing minor bugs, more than 50 of them have been fixed.
Also in this release:
  • "Blend transparency" parameter now works under the GPU and for the bristle brushes.
  • Korean language added. Special thanks to Lee Jun Hyek for translation!
  • The ability to turn the mask on / off added
  • "Antialiasing" button added to the lasso tools, magic wand and bucket
  • The ability to drag brushes into another category added
  • Now most of the working panels can be moved and scaled (Gradients panel, Textures panel, Image resize, define hotkeys, etc)
  • Two new parameters added to the "Transition" brush controller
  • "Transfer to down layer" function added (also works with the selection and several layers)
  • The ability to move selection added
  • The inverting of the layer added by "ctrl + i" (Menu-> Layer-> Invert)
  • The slider now moves slowly with holded “shift” and multiple with holded “ctrl”
  • New document orientation buttons added
  • "Copy from the visible layers" function added. Use shift + ctrl + c (Menu-> Edit-> Copy Merged"
  • Now you can enter the text with the keyboard (for example when renaming a layer) in any language (except for hieroglyphic symbols)
  • Hotkeys Import / export added



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