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Overloud – BREVERB 2 v2.1.8


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Name Overloud – BREVERB 2 v2.1.8 OS X [Kleen][dada]
Size 66.82 MB
Created on 2015-12-20 23:58:50
Hash 7ef1fa6aa7c1b54fc3990786ebb5b011fa73c651
Files Overloud – BREVERB 2 v2.1.8 OS X [Kleen][dada]


Overloud - BREVERB 2 v2.1.8 OS X [Kleen][dada]
138.7 MB
Think of your ideal studio...
Of course, it would have all of the best reverb units used by the most famous engineers:
a classic white '80s unit with its smooth and creamy tone that has been used on thousands 
of famous hits;a modern reverb unit with crisp and punchy tone, to forge your own unique 
sounding room; a dedicated post-production unit and thousands of ready-to-use presets 
created by some of the most respected people in the music and film industry 
to speed up your workflow.

Or... think of BREVERB 2
Get that €20,000 sound, all in a single plug-in, for less than €200!
BREVERB 2 makes your mixes sound like a Grammy Award winning song.

Features at a glance

- 7 main Algorithms: Hall, Room, Plate, Inverse, Spaces small, Spaces large and Sources.
- Algorithms for any application: from mixing to post-production or from classic tones 
to modern and creative tones.
- More than 50 ambient spaces recreated.
- More than 270 factory presets, covering any kind of ambience or application, 
designed by top-notch sound engineers.
- Modeled after the most sought-after hardware units.
- Each algorithm is engineered with no compromises in the sound for maximum quality.
- Full EQ section to tailor the frequency response of the reverb.
- Extended Nonlinear section to creatively shape your reverberation.
- "Motion" parameters add liveness, musicality and the "air movement" of a real room.
- BREVERB 2 emulates the analog output section of the hardware unit, making 
BREVERB 2 truer to the sound of the originals.
- Two different user interface modes: a compact interface or a hardware-like interface.
- Six fully assignable and automatable hardware-like faders.
- Full automation through host sequencers.
- Multilevel undo/redo.
- Real-time MIDI control of any paramters through the six faders.
- No additional latency introduced!
- Extremely low CPU usage: 120 stereo instances can be opened on a Core 2 Duo 
2.4 GHz MacBook Pro without any glitches or dropouts!
- Host-sync of all rates and times.
- Install first from the included PKG INSTALLER
- Replace the AU or VST with the cracked one
- Done!