OmniOutliner Pro 4.1.4

2014-11-30   Productivity


OmniOutliner Pro 4.1.4

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  • Added:2014-11-17
  • Last Update:2014-11-23



Version: 4.1.4
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: KG

OS version: 10.9 or higher
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
RAM minimum: N/A
Video RAM: N/A

OmniOutliner Pro 4.1 adds intra-document row links, new toolbar icons, and improved Microsoft Word export. OmniOutliner Pro 4.1.3 and 4.1.4 fixes some compatibility issues with OS X Yosemite as well as some other bugs.

Fixed in 4.1.4:
• Fonts - All supported font weights per font family should now be useable when running under OS X Yosemite.
• Help - Some minor corrections made to the OmniOutliner help files.

Fixed in 4.1.3:
• VoiceOver – When VoiceOver is active, clicking on the Zoom toolbar button should no longer cause a crash under OS X Yosemite.
• Fonts – Files using certain fonts that are not available on the current device should now open.
• Columns – Entering dates with the date calendar should now preserve the year even when the display format does not display it.
• Help Viewer – The Help Viewer should now behave properly when running under OS X Yosemite.
• Misc – The Welcome document should now have the correct appearance when opened from the Help menu with the OS X Yosemite dark menu bar turned on.
• Word Export – The column style of the outline column should now apply to the export.
• Word Export – Notes should now use the text alignment set in the document instead of always being left aligned.
• Word Export – When row level styles contain nothing but a named style, those attributes should now be applied correctly to the export.

More info:

OmniOutliner Pro

OmniOutliner Pro is a flexible program for creating, collecting, and organizing information. Give your creativity a kick start by using an application that's actually designed to help you think. It's like having an extra brain - one that doesn't keep losing the car keys.

Store and collect all sorts of information for anything. Using built-in themes or the default to get started, OmniOutliner provides just the right jumping-off point for whatever‘s on the tip of your tongue right this minute.

OmniOutliner 4 is feature-rich enough to see a novel from start to finish. You’ll have more flexibility by putting sentences or paragraphs in easily-referenceable nodes; way more powerful than a typical word processor.

Use OmniOutliner to add structure to your information — something beneficial to more than just outlines. Expand or collapse what you need, when you need it. And on the iPad, you can add that structure with a full array of keyboard shortcuts.

Use Full-screen mode in OmniOutliner 4 to move everything but your document out of the way. Set up templates so you’ll always have uniform outlines, quickly. You’ll never not find a new document to improve in OmniOutliner 4.

Edit all of your outlines on any Mac or iPad using OmniPresence. It’s free, reliable, and open. Your files are always intact and available — they’ll even be waiting for you with Background App Refresh in iOS 7.

Current Features:

Background syncing on both Mac & iPad with OmniPresence
Use columns for checkboxes, dates, numbers — even automatic sums or averages
Quickly change zoom levels via keyboard or toolbar
Style every aspect of each outline — or just use 12 pt Helvetica
Export to OPML, HTML, DHTML, and more
Search for a quick list of results
Throw in images, recordings, PDFs, EPUBs, and more
Support for heaps of keyboard shortcuts — even on iPad
Look at notes right under each row
Swap out look A for look B. Themes included
Set up a custom, stylized template for every scenario
Get your thoughts down with audio, too
Easy references for specific styling, like “Blue Header 5” or “Serious Gray 44”
Collapse what you don’t need to see
Quickly show or hide the columns you need
Adds a few more formats, like Microsoft Word’s .docx
OmniOutliner collapses each line of text except the one you’re working on
Create or install plugins for exporting to custom filetypes
Use a full AppleScript library to read from, manipulate, and add to outlines
Adjust row metrics, page breaks, and handle visibility
Quickly create links to other sections within your document

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