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Descriptions for Nova 2

Can a native Mac code editor really be that much better? Find out.

If we’re being honest, Mac apps are a bit of a lost art. There are great reasons to make cross-platform apps — to start, they’re cross-platform — but it’s just not who we are. Founded as a Mac software company in 1997, our joy at Panic comes from building things that feel truly, well, Mac-like.

Long ago, we created Coda, an all-in-one Mac web editor that broke new ground. But when we started work on Nova, we looked at where the web was today, and where we needed to be. It was time for a fresh start.

The Editor.

It all starts with our first-class text-editor.

It’s new, hyper-fast, and flexible, with all the features you want: smart autocomplete, multiple cursors, a Minimap, editor overscroll, tag pairs and brackets, and way, way more.

For the curious, Nova has built-in support for CoffeeScript, CSS, Diff, ERB, Haml, HTML, INI, JavaScript, JSON, JSX, Less, Lua, Markdown, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Sass, SCSS, Smarty, SQL, TSX, TypeScript, XML, and YAML.

It’s also very expandable, with a robust API and a built-in extension browser.

(Here’s a little editor story for fun. During beta we found some bugs in Apple’s text layout engine that we just could not fix. Our solution? Writing our own text layout manager… from scratch. Not only did this fix the bugs, but it also boosted our editor’s performance. We’re not messing around!)

But even the best text engine in the world means nothing unless you actually enjoy spending your time in the app. So, how does Nova look?

The Interface.

It’s beautiful. And clean. And fun.

You can make Nova look exactly the way you want, while still feeling Mac-like. Bright, dark, cyberpunk, it’s all you. Plus, themes are CSS-like and easy to write. Nova can even automatically change your theme when your Mac switches from light to dark mode.

Screenshot showing Bright, a default interface theme in Nova.

The Workflows.

Nova doesn’t just help you code. It helps your code run.

You can easily create build and run tasks for your projects. We didn’t have them in Coda, but boy do we have them now. They’re custom scripts that can be triggered at any time by toolbar buttons or keyboard shortcuts.

Imagine building content, and with the single click of a button watching as Nova fires up your local server, grabs the appropriate URL, and opens a browser for you, instantly. Just think of the time you’ll save.

Nova supports separate Build, Run, and Clean tasks. It can open a report when run. And the scripts can be written in a variety of languages.


macOS 10.14.4 or later

What’s New in Nova 2

New for Extensions

  • Dynamic Task Providers
  • Extensions can now provide tasks to a project dynamically, based on nearly anything, without requiring user configuration in Nova
  • Tasks are built and delivered using the new Task and TaskProcessAction object classes with a new assistant type
  • LSP: Support for Code Actions
  • Code actions can be shown from compatible language servers using the (by default) shortcut of Shift-Cmd-A
  • An indicator can be displayed at the head of a line when code actions are available for the insertion point or selection
  • LSP: Support for WorkspaceEdits
  • Language servers can now use the applyEdit method to instruct Nova to perform a wide-scale edit on multiple files simultaneously
  • LSP: Support for Jump to Definition
  • Jump to definition will prioritize language servers above the workspace index when available
  • LSP: Support for Signature Help
  • LSP: Added the ability to include custom initializationOptions in the LanguageClient.clientOptions
  • LSP: Added proper support for the triggerCharacters completion request property
  • Extensions: Added CompletionItem.additionalTextEdits and TextEdit APIs
  • Completion items may now define additional edits, beyond the primary edit, such as automatically adding imports
  • Extensions: Added support for a funding property to the extension manifest
  • An author may define a URL at which users may contribute or fund the extension’s development
  • When present, an additional “Sponsor” button will be shown on the extension’s library page


  • Added an “Open in Nova” system service, intended to make opening folders a bit easier from Finder
  • Key Bindings can now be imported and exported via Preferences > Key Bindings
  • Added better support for EditorConfig wildcard entries, especially those using {} brackets
  • Editor: Added the ability to disable insertion point blink
  • Problem Reporter: Added support for directing extension-related issues to extension authors
  • Added the ability to invoke completions with a specified key binding
  • PHP: Added completions for multi-byte string functions
  • Updated extension template READMEs to be more templated that authors may follow
  • Syntax Inspector: Added the ability to show the specific CSS theme styles applied to the text


  • Renamed the View → Pane menu items to Split for better consistency
  • Installation of the CLI tool should no longer requires an escalation prompt when using an admin user
  • Project Settings: Renamed the “Environment” section to “Extensions” for better clarity
  • Project Settings: Project toolbar icon now matches the project folder color
  • Find/Replace: Allow use of newline escape sequences if the regex option is enabled
  • A maximum length/height has been set for workspace notifications
  • Launcher: Filtering is now cleared when creating a new project


  • Fixed a potential crash when documents are being parsed
  • Fixed an issue with auto-indentation on paste, especially within Python, JavaScript, and HTML documents
  • Files Sidebar: Disabling Show Navigation Controls now re-navigates to the project root
  • Fixed an issue where a duplicate copy would be uploaded when using Save As with remote files
  • Resolved an issue with binding the Delete key to menu items
  • Fixed Custom File Associations not opening with a single click
  • Fixed an issue with SCSS variable completions
  • Fixed the Tasks sheet changing width when switching to the Arguments tab
  • Multiline copy now inserts line breaks between selections
  • Fixed an issue with “Save in Keychain” checkbox not working as expected in file browser tabs
  • Preferences: Theme items now expose proper accessibility metadata
  • Terminal: Number pad enter key no longer unexpectedly cancels the command being executed
  • Editor: Status View line number is no longer incorrect when the cursor is positioned on a trailing line fragment
  • JavaScript: Auto-complete will now offer console instead of the Console class
  • TypeScript: Fixed an issue that could prevent certain functions from being displayed in the Symbols sidebar
  • Command Line Tool: Piping output from an async command should now wait properly
  • Terminal: Fixed potential drawing issues after displaying a long interactive output
  • Launcher: Fixed an issue that could cause project folders to always use the color red
  • Launcher: Tooltip for Remote Projects now displays the server address instead of a local path
  • Launcher: Fixed the “g” character descender from being truncated on folder initials
  • Launcher: Resolved an issue where the wrong project could be opened from the Touch Bar when projects were being filtered
  • Extension Library: Resolved an issue that prevented copying text via the Edit menu
  • Extension Library: Release notes now display the most recent changes without needing to update the extension
  • Extension Library: “Version” is no longer displayed twice when a new update is available
  • Extensions: Fixing an issue with the IssueParser API that could incorrectly report an issue’s line basis
  • Extensions: Paths returned from nova.workspace.path should now always match document URIs prefixes
  • Extensions: Fixed the completions API not respecting range of item when computing filtering text
  • Extensions: Added a new event listener API to inform extensions when its language server quits
  • Extensions: Fixed common cases where LanguageClient.running would return an incorrect value if the language server quits
  • Extensions: Fixed a potential crash when passing selector to AssistantsRegistry.registerIssueAssistant
  • Extensions: Fixed properly handling a Promise return from TextEditor.onWillSave callback
  • Extensions: Fixed a potential issue with syntaxes parsing issues when in development mode
  • Extensions: Fixed JSProcess JSON-RPC error handling not rejecting with a ProcessMessage object
  • LSP: Completion snippet placeholders are now respected for textEdit changes in addition to insertText
  • LSP: document/hover requests returning the deprecated MarkedString content are now unescaped properly
  • macOS 11: Improved the appearance of Preferences > Transfers
  • macOS 11: Fixed a potential hang when signing into, or out of, Panic Sync
  • German Localization: Fixed Sync Preferences referring to Transmit instead of Nova when you are in Trial Mode


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