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Notebooks 2.1.1


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Created on 2020-03-29 07:05:25
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Descriptions for Notebooks 2.1.1

Notebooks allows you to create as many books as you need to write, store and structure your details of life, and it will quickly become the one and only repository for all journals, ideas, notes, drafts, stories and diaries but also for your projects, task lists, documents, files and everything else you want to keep close at hand.

Use Notebooks to create carefully formatted documents with styles and embedded photos, or to quickly write plain text notes. Convert between these formats any time, and if you want to use Markdown, Notebooks knows how to handle that as well. It is a perfect, distraction free writing environment.

Notebooks stores and displays almost any type of document: plain text and formatted text, PDF, web pages, MS Office documents, photos, videos, music and much more. Everything you want to keep organized can go directly into Notebooks.

Notebooks also keeps your task lists and allows you to tick off your to-dos as you complete them. Divide your projects into nested sub projects, which makes them easier to handle, and cross-reference into your reference library, which, of course, is in Notebooks, too.

Notebooks can share its files with the mobile versions of Notebooks on the iPad and iPhone, which allows you to conveniently work on your documents from your desktop, but also on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch when you are on your way. The synchronization between the devices currently supports Dropbox and many WebDAV servers (with Dropbox currently being the most convenient option).

Notebooks stores all your documents as regular files on your computer’s hard drive, so you can always access them through Finder to open and edit with other applications, too.

So whether you need to write something down or look something up, you need to have Notebooks on your Mac.


OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor

English, German

What’s New in Notebooks 2.1.1

Notebooks 2.1.1 addresses an issue with Emojis and other international characters in plain text, restores correct metadata handling in MultiMarkdown documents and clears up a few minor flaws.

Notebooks 2.1 is a major update with a couple of interesting additions, and of course a set of improvements.

  • Option to automatically extract tasks from documents (enable in settings)
  • Share items from other apps through the “Sharing…” menu
  • Notebooks now supports German as well

Plain Text, Markdown

  • New “Duplicate as LaTeX” menu action to convert the Markdown document to LaTeX.
  • If the title corresponds to the first line of text and the first line has no format assigned, it automatically displays as H1 (#).
  • When toggling a checkbox, Notebooks makes sure to toggle correct occurrence of that text in the document (you may have the same todo in a list more than once…)
  • When a link’s target document does not exist, Notebooks applies smarter logic to find an alternative (please refer to the version history on our website for more details).
  • CMD-L keyboard shortcut inserts the Markdown checklist code “- [ ]”.
  • The line number for the last line appears in the correct position.

Formatted Documents

  • New formatted documents automatically format the first line as Title.
  • The “Edit Link” action more reliably retrieves URLs from selected text or from the pasteboard and accepts more URL types.
  • Update embedded images right after they have been modified (avoid caching).
  • Make sure that individual text alignment remains in place when saving the document.
  • Leave TABs in place when saving documents.
  • Improved highlight colors ensure that the text remains visible in light and dark mode. This does not change existing highlights, though.
  • Improved document themes.

Documents – Misc Improvements

  • Task icons are part of the document header and can be toggle from there.
  • Long press the task icon to set or change the due date.
  • New option to disable autosave while typing. Notebooks still automatically saves when you leave the app or select a different document.
  • Include Lexend font.
  • “New from Pasteboard” accepts images and URLs if possible.
  • New action “Copy as Plain Text” for PDF documents.

Document List

  • A click on the book’s title displays a popup menu which allows you to navigate through Notebooks’ hierarchy.
  • The new button provides access to actions for the current book.
  • The “Swipe left to Delete” gesture is no longer available for books, it was too easy to accidentally delete whole books.
  • Preview text is available for PDF documents, too.
  • The preview of Markdown documents no longer displays Markdown code.
  • Change color label for items from the context menu.
  • Now using refreshed and more friendly label colors.


  • New options to search title only, contents only, or both.
  • Search results are sorted by title rather than by path.
  • The list of search results can be filtered.

Misc Changes and Improvements

  • If the selected “Notebooks Home” is not reachable on launch, user can immediately select a new home.
  • If the volume hosting the selected “Notebooks Home” has been ejected, Notebooks now displays an alert, allowing user to close window.
  • If all of Notebooks’ windows have been closed, clicking the dock icon opens document browser; if windows have been minimized in the Dock, they are opened.
  • Option to override system appearance and select light or dark (View > Appearance).
  • Import from Evernote: Make sure that embedded items like PDF documents are clickable and can be opened.

In addition to this, Notebooks 2.1 contains numerous small fixes and enhancements. The complete list is available on our website.


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