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Descriptions for Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol v2.1.0

KOMPLETE KONTROL opens the full potential of KOMPLETE series products. Feel the most advanced software tools come to life right under your hands – a more expressive, intuitive and inspiring than ever. View and download sounds with a single click – KOMPLETE KONTROL governs the entire universe in a single plug-in KOMPLETE through browser-based tags.

NATIVE MAP technology to automatically assign all key parameters for each KOMPLETE instrument to touch the buttons of the controller. LIGHT GUIDE function will show you the zone selector keys are in full color, depending on the instrument. Create melodies with an advanced arpeggiator that is optimized for performances.

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What’s New in Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol v2.1.0

2.1.0 – 2019-02-21
  • ADDED MIDI mapping support for third party controllers
  • It is now possible to control some of KOMPLETE KONTROL’s parameters via a third party MIDI controller. These include the 8 knobs of the NATIVE MAP, parameter page switching, plugin switching if more than one plugin is instantiated in the plugin chain, and preset switching.
  • ADDED Integration
  • Browse on, create your own collections of loops and oneshots, and sync the collections with KOMPLETE KONTROL. To make use of this feature, you must enable the “Download to All NI Apps” feature on the website. This can be found in your account settings, which can be accessed at this URL:
  • ADDED Sampler plugin
  • When loading a sample from the new Samples tab in the Browser, that sample will automatically be loaded into the Sampler plugin so it can be played immediately. The GUI for the Sampler provides access to some important parameters, but all parameters for the Sampler can be accessed via the Plugin Panel or a connected KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboard. This version of the Sampler supports loading of only a single sample at any given time.
  • CHANGED There is now a single button for toggling the Browser between the Factory and User Libraries
  • CHANGED Samples are now available in the Browser cataloged in separate Loops and Oneshots tabs
  • These new samples tabs will only appear when focused on the first slot in KOMPLETE KONTROL; the FX tab will be shown when any other slot is selected. Furthermore, for this version, all User Samples will be located in the Oneshots tab of the Browser, regardless of whether they’re tagged as Loops or One Shots.
  • IMPROVED Instruments, Loops, and OneShots in the Factory Library will have their tags updated to the new NKS 1.5 format
  • ADDED Previews of loops selected in the Browser will be played in sync with the current project
  • When a loop is selected in the Samples tab with Prehear turned on, it will begin playing immediately insync with the host if transport is running. If a loop preview starts partway through the loop, the loop will play once more for its full length to ensure you get to hear the entire loop once in context with your project.
  • IMPROVED Filters and product selections will be remembered when switching between content types and Factory/User Libraries in the Browser
  • ADDED Browser content synchronization between multiple running instances
  • When running multiple instances of KOMPLETE KONTROL, either as Standalone and/or as a plugin, updates to the Library will be synced across the instances. For example, if you delete a sample from your User Library in one instance, the sample will no longer be present in the other instances. Similarly, if you save a preset in one instance, that preset will then be available in the other instances, too.
  • ADDED Accessibility for ASeries keyboards via announcements in BROWSER, PLUGIN (parameters, plugin chain) SCALE, and ARP
  • Enable / disable Accessibility Mode using SHIFT + IDEAS (top left button on keyboard + third button to the right in second row)
  • Enter Training Mode by double tapping SHIFT when Accessibility is on
  • Announcements for INSTANCE coming in a future update
  • ADDED When browsing with ASeries, jump quickly to the results list by holding SHIFT and pushing right on the 4D Encoder
  • ADDED Fast scroll through results list with ASeries by holding SHIFT and twisting the 4D Encoder
  • ADDED Automatic Plugin Focus (a.k.a. ‘Focus Follow’) and device autoconnect for ASeries when used with Ableton Live
  • FIXED It is now possible to enter PLUGIN from MIDI on ASeries keyboards
  • REMOVED The dialog window prompting to download the Previews for the Factory Library



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