motionVFX – mFire 2K – 150 Organic Fire Elements for AE, Premiere and Final Cut Pro X

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Name: motionVFX – mFire 2K

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mFire – 150 Royalty-Free Stock Footage Fire Files for your NLE or compositing software.

There are some graphic elements that are very hard to reproduce synthetically. Fire is one of them. MotionVFX has just released a new $99 pack of organic fire & flame elements.
Good looking fire is dam hard to make internally in a graphics application, it’s one of those things that has to look perfect to fool the eye. Shot flames will always look better.

mFire is a set of 150 ‘organic’ fire elements that can be used with any NLE or motion graphics application that has compositing modes available. Organic might be the wrong word to use as apart from Willow the Wisp, (which was probably a light anyway) we don’t know of any living flames out there. We know the intention however and MotionVFX have had the Polish Fire Brigade on speed dial whist they’ve been busy shooting their own fire on a RED camera.



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