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MonkeyBars 1.06 for After Effects

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Created on 2019-09-05 23:40:16
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Descriptions for MonkeyBars 1.06 for After Effects

The quickest, easiest way to create animated text bars for lower 1/3s, social media and info graphics. This Monkey is a workhorse.

About Monkey Scripts:

The Monkey Scripts are designed with both the novice and professional in mind. They can save hours, or even days of work by helping to automate the creation of motion graphics. In a world of shrinking budgets and tight deadlines, Monkey Scripts are an indispensable part of any designers toolkit.

ShapeMonkey is a procedural shape layer animator. Designed for easy experimentation and quick iterations.
TypeMonkey creates animated type in 3D space using a unique algorithm that simulates a “2D staircase” design that is popular in kinetic typography.

CircusMonkey creates and animates type. It specializes in complex 3D text layouts using 7 different algorithms that can be manipulated in 3D space after the build. It also has additional camera controls that help spearate overlapping text to aid legibiltiy.

LayerMonkey uses the same layout algorithm as TypeMonkey, but it works with any type of layer – video, pre-comps, graphics, whatever. However, it won’t generate text like CircusMonkey or TypeMonkey. Text has to be prepared manually in Illustrator, Photoshop, or using the text-only option in TypeMonkey.

MotionMonkey is a whole other animal. It has a much more complex and versatile animation system then the others, but it doesn’t create a layout, text or generate an animated camera like the others. It’s ideal for layered artwork where the layout has already been designed.
MonkeyCam Pro Is a more powerful version of the camera thats included in most of the others. Its a standalone product but can also be used in conjuntion with any of the other monkeys.

MonkeyBars specializes in creating text box animations, the kind used in viral videos, info graphics, lower third supers, and subtitles. Great if you do high volume work.

EditMonkey is a Swiss Army Knife – it can create and sequence dozens of tcomplex ext, video ro graphic animations with a single click.


Adobe After Effects CC 2017, 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6

What’s New in MonkeyBars 1.06

  • Allow saving user text as part of preset

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