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Mongoose Developer Edition 5.6

2015-07-26   Utilities

Mongoose Web Server icon
Name Mongoose Developer Edition 5.6
Size 4.13 MB
Created on 2015-07-18 23:18:35
Hash 42241aaccb21c8b996e9401a8423d45c8118647e
Files Mongoose Developer Edition 5.6.dmg (4.13 MB)

Descriptions for Description

Name: Mongoose Developer Edition
Version: 5.6
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K'ed

OS version: OS X 10.6 or later

Block connections to:

Courtesy of The Shark
(original icon restored and re-codesigned)

Release Date: March 17, 2015

What's New in Version 5.6
Changes in Libmongoose library:

Added -dav_root configuration option that gives an ability to mount a different root directory (not document_root)
Fixes for build under Win23 and MinGW
Bugfix: Double dots removal
Bugfix: final chunked response double-send
Fixed compilation in 64-bit environments
Added OS/2 compatibility
Added getaddrinfo() call and NS_ENABLE_GETADDRINFO
Various SSL-related fixes
Added integer overflow protection in iobuf_append() and deliver_websocket_frame()
Fixed NetBSD build
Enabled NS_ENABLE_IPV6 build for Visual Studio 2008+
Enhanced comma detection in parse_header()
Fixed unchanged memory accesses on ARM
Added ability to use custom memory allocator through NS_MALLOC, NS_FREE, NS_REALLOC

Changes in Mongoose binary:

Added -start_browser option to disable automatic browser launch
Added experimental SSL support. To listen on HTTPS port, use ssl://PORT:SSL_CERT format. For example, to listen on HTTP port 8080 and HTTPS port 8043, use -listening_port 8080,ssl://8043:ssl_cert.pem

Full Release Notes:

More Info:

Mongoose - most easy to use Web Server on the planet

Mongoose is an intuitive application that can easily be be embedded into existing programs in order to provide a web interface for them. The web server executable is self-sufficient, it does not depend on anything to start serving requests. If it is copied to any directory and executed, it starts to serve that directory on port 8080 (so to access files, go to http://localhost:8080). If some additional config is required - for example, a different listening port or IP-based access control, then a 'mongoose.conf' file with respective options can be created in the same directory where the executable lives. All these features make Mongoose an optimal solution for all sorts of demos, quick tests, file sharing, and Web programming.

Free Edition

Stable and mature: over 1 million downloads since 2004
Cross-platform: works on Mac, Windows, UNIX/Linux
No installation or configuration required: runs in one click
IP-based ACL (deny access to certain IP addresses)
File blacklist (hide certain files from serving)
Resumed download support
Custom error pages

Pro Edition. All features of the Free edition, plus:

CGI (ability to run sites written in PHP, Ruby or any other scripting language)
Server Side Includes (include one HTML page into another)
WebDAV (attach shared directory as a remote drive)
Pre-packaged, ready-to-go Mongoose + PHP bundle for Windows (start PHP project in seconds)
Life-time software updates

Developer Edition. All features of the Pro edition, plus:

Ability to view and analyze all incoming and outgoing network packets

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