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Millumin 3.14.c

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Name Millumin3 3.14.c [TNT]
Size 84.33 MB
Created on 2019-12-23 02:21:13
Hash 83636b8a66ee7214f4bbecf89038c275f1575cbb
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Descriptions for Millumin 3.14.c

Millumin is a standalone Mac OS X app that manages video on stage for theaters, video mappings and interactive installations.

New in Millumin V3

Major New

  • Timecode support (LTC/MTC)
  • Interaction for timecodes
  • Import advanced light fixtures (Open-Fixture-Library format)
  • Advanced audio to mix channel per channel
  • 3D Structure to ease videomapping/anamorphosis
  • Cinema 4D plugin
  • Unity plugin
  • Photoshop plugin
  • Live preview-grid
  • Blob tracker
  • Cues to recall specific timings (dashboard/timeline)
  • Render audio when exporting timeline
  • Curves in timelines
  • Masters for video, audio and DMX
  • Media info/preview in library
  • Auto-go program
  • Free text-media
  • Scheduler interaction
  • MIDI Show Control support
  • sACN support
  • OSC query server
  • iOS Screen Capture (iOS 11 minimum)
  • Auto-save project versions

Minor New

  • Notes for dashboard’s columns
  • Constraint in pixel for layers
  • Change workspace origin (i.e. not in the center)
  • Image-inputs for ISF shaders and effects
  • Include/exclude lights from timelines
  • Unified monitor to log DMX, MIDI, OSC, …
  • System monitor to show CPU/GPU usage
  • Output from AJA devices
  • MIDI/OSC feedback for interactions
  • UDP strings as OSC
  • PJLink mode for data-track
  • Multiple string-servers for data-track
  • String templates for data-track
  • Midi destination for data-track
  • Format option for generic cameras and capture cards
  • NDI option to output as RGBA
  • Show transparent background
  • Zoom in library
  • Thumbnails for timelines and shaders
  • Color-tag for lights
  • Manually create interaction
  • Duplicate all columns
  • Rectangle-selection in timeline
  • Auto-update third-party plugins
  • Rename effects
  • Manual button for slideshow
  • Cycle option for interaction-accumulator
  • Skip-last-channels option for DMX-layers
  • Maintain SHIFT to skip transitions


  • Library filter to show missing files
  • Shortcut CMD+SHIFT+X to split a media in a timeline
  • Video playback optimizations
  • Optimizations for generic cameras and capture cards
  • Optimizations for Blackmagic output
  • Faster LED/pixel-mapping
  • NDI at 4Kp60 resolution
  • Handle 2 universes on Enttec DMX USB Pro Mk2
  • Faster warping
  • Faster finding missing files
  • Drag-and-drop files directly in timeline
  • Assign an interaction to a button in properties-view
  • Interaction stabilization (even if no signal is coming)
  • Flat design


OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor

What’s New in Millumin 3.14.c

Control projectors via PJLink

We impemented custom support for PJLink protocol, so you can now easily control your projectors : switching on/off, closing the shutter, … Use the new “PJLink” mode in the data-track.
Please keep in mind that PJLink support all depends on manufacturer implementation. Please contact your projector supplier for more information.

Forced Framerate for Output Cards

When using a card (such as a Blackmagic or an AJA) to output, the framerate can be different than the one of the graphic card. Now Millumin automatically adpats its global framerate so it matches the one of such cards.
For example, your graphic card works at 60hz, but the output format is 1080p50 : Millumin will switch its framerate to 50fps to match it.

Full Release Note:

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