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MIDI Songs & Lesson PAK for Band-in-a-Box


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NameMIDI Songs & Lesson PAK for Band-in-a-Box
Size654.1 MB
Created on2015-11-22 21:04:52
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MIDI Songs & Lesson PAK for Band-in-a-Box®

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The Songs & Lessons PAK Supercharge your Band-in-a-Box® package with the Songs & Lessons PAK! This great package adds all of the MIDI Essential Riffs and Phrases Series, All of our MIDI Fakebooks, Master Swingin’ Jazz Piano Solos and Comping, the complete Master Solos Series, CopyMe, Duets, 50 Novelty Piano Riffs, 50 Country Guitar Solos, and 200 Folk Songs! Hours of music, fun and learning at your fingertips.

All the Add-ons in the Songs & Lessons PAK are included in the EverythingPAK and Audiophile Editions of Band-in-a-Box®.


The MIDI Essential Riffs and Phrases series is loaded with Band-in-a-Box® files! Play and hear the files, transpose in all 12 keys, slow down for further study, view or printout the notation, or watch the on-screen guitar fretboard or piano keyboard.

The MIDI Fakebooks are loaded with familiar tunes! Because these are MIDI files, you can change the styles for variations, learn the pieces by studying the chords, view the notation, or transpose the pieces to familiar keys for further study.

The Master Solos Series are fully-featured interactive music programs with professional song arrangements. Each song features a solo played by a top studio musician, as well as accompanying piano(comping), bass, drums, and strings. A great way to learn to solo like a master!

With Master Swingin’ Jazz Piano Solos and Comping, join Master Jazz Pianist Miles Black while he features 50 great Jazz piano improvisations, over typical chord changes. With this Band-in-a-Box® add-on, you can easily learn soloing and comping techniques for "swingin'" Jazz piano. Songs include trio arrangements with bass and drums in Band-in-a-Box® format.

Duets with Miles Black is an exciting series of 50 Duets, each designed specifically by Miles Black to improve your sight-reading. Both parts have an independent contrapuntal melody, so you feel like you have a real playing partner at your side. Each of the 5 genres, Classical, Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Bebop and Rock includes 10 great contrapuntal melody tracks, it's easy to see and hear what each part is playing. Mute one melody and play along with the other, then reverse the roles and sight-read the other part. Also included is a folder with the 50 Duets transposed into all 12 keys.

With CopyMe your piano teacher, Miles Black, plays a 2-bar piano phrase along with a Band-in-a-Box® accompaniment. That 2-bar piano phrase is then followed by 2 bars of the same Band-in-a-Box® accompaniment with the piano part silent. This is where you come in... just copy what Miles has played. Once the lesson is complete, Miles explains and plays the next concept, followed again by your turn to play.

Adding 50 MIDI Novelty Piano Riffs will give a little “razzle-dazzle” to your creations! View the notation of these riffs covering genres like Ragtime, Classical, Boogie Woogie, Rock 'n' Roll, Jazz, Country, and Pop. Then view the notation of 50 Country Guitar Solos and 200 Folk Songs in Band-in-a-Box® to further enhance your playing and learn some new tunes!


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