Mettle Mantra VR v1.27 for After Effects

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Name Mantra VR v1.27
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Descriptions for Mettle Mantra VR v1.27 for After Effects

A comprehensive set of 16 filters to stylize your 360°and Flat footage in After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Product Description

A unique set of Drag-and-Drop effects to instantly transform your footage into surreal and fantastic animations.

  • Keyframe animations from 0-100% effect applied.
  • Includes Globe Preview Panel to see effects in and HMD view.
  • Formats: Flat, 360 Monoscopic and Stereoscopic O/U SBS.
  • Compatible with the Immersive tools in After Effects and Premiere Pro.
  • Node-based Panel lets you tweak, merge, and chain the effects, with automatic scripting.
  • Audioreactive features.


  • New effect for Version 1.25 > Spherify. Transform your layer into a Sphere.
  • Drag-and-drop effects directly onto footage and interpolate from 0%-100%, keyframeable, fully customisable.
  • Add a “Virtual Dolly” and “Virtual Jib” to stationary 360 footage with Mantra > Mobius Transform effect.
  • Create 360 Wormholes and Little Planets with your 360 Footage.
  • Built in “Mantra Node Panel” lets you stack and layer Mantra effects intuitively and quickly, takes care of scripting automatically.
  • Built in “Globe Preview Panel” let you work in 360Mono and Stereo, to preview the 360 sphere and HMD POV
  • Audio reactive features built. Ideal for 360 music videos.
  • Formats: Rectilinear (Flat), Monoscopic, Stereoscopic (over/under)
  • Create Procedural textures for use in 3D programs

Mantra VR is an incredible tool from Mettle which unlocks a world of possibilities for manipulating 360˚ video.

The first time I used it, I was in awe of what it allowed me to do. There are so many parameters to play with and it’s genuinely fun to experiment with each new effect — so much so, that it’s easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole. It opens up new ways to create unique transitions and video effects within a spherical environment. Suddenly, 360˚ footage becomes a fluid, almost liquid-like substance, that you can pull, shape and mould, like an alchemist, to create surreal worlds, dreamscapes and alternate realities.


After Effects and Premiere Pro CC and Later

What’s New in Mettle Mantra VR v1.27

  • Mantra VR > Spherify.

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