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MegaSeg Pro 5.9.4

2015-02-22   Music

MegaSeg Pro
  • Name: MegaSeg Pro 5.9.4
  • Total Size: 17.53 MB
  • Created on: Mon Feb 16 01:27:28 2015
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Name: MegaSeg Pro 5.9.4
Version: 5.9.4
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Serial

OS version: 10.6
Processor type(s) & speed: n.a
RAM minimum: n.a
Video RAM: n.a

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New in MegaSeg 5.9.4
MegaSeg now requires OS X 10.6 or higher.
New sound engine includes higher quality pitch-locking, seamless looping, and hot swappable output devices.
New Denon MC2000 and MC3000 controller presets.
Album Art: Fixed issue where some cover art would not display on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
Decks: The Tap BPM button no longer causes the entire window to move while in full screen mode on Yosemite.
Decks: The Tap BPM button refreshes the Play button's status.
Edit Categories: Optimized Merge categories function so it doesn't rewrite tags for unchanged categories.
Edit: Optimized the Play button to not reload the file each time.
Edit: Resolved issue where edit dialog was refreshing VU meters too frequently.
Edit: Using a trackpad's "tap to click" to set times via the up/down arrows works correctly.
Fixed a bug that caused it to "Check Tags" each launch.
Fixed a bug when the Next deck is playing and double-clicking a track from playlist position #2 would result in two "stop and replace" confirmation dialogs.
Fixed a bug where if you segue many tracks in a row quickly, the first track that is fading might jump in volume.
Fixed a rare error when cueing a new track.
Fixed a rare error when quitting at the same time album artwork is animating.
Fixed various interface flicker issues on OS X Yosemite.
Import: Fixed a bug where the library track count might not refresh after importing.
Import: The "iTunes Library" import method no longer includes un-downloaded Podcasts.
Importing now auto-saves the Library when complete.
Importing: Fixed a bug that could prevent MP4 and M4V video files from importing.
Library Tools: Import Library as Text no longer gives an error when encountering less columns of data than expected, as well as converts M:SS times to MM:SS format.
Library: Now attempts to reconnect media on Time Capsule volumes.
Loading library now displays a warning message if there is an ownership & permissions issue.
Logging: New NSDistributedNotificationCenter support for Nicecast and other apps that listens for "com.fidelitymedia.MegaSeg.nowPlaying" notifications.
Logs: Fixed a bug where the last track listed under Recently Played would not refresh.
Logs: The "Days Start At" setting only appears once a specific log date is selected.
Metadata: Fixed an AAC bug that could cause certain tracks to import without metadata.
MIDI: Mid EQ signals are now better supported.
Playlist Browser: Double click on a track with the option key held down now correctly puts it at the top of the main Playlist queue.
Playlist Browser: Fixed issue where toggling the Playlist browser view would deselect the last selected playlist.
Playlist Browser: Now shows correct focus ring color.
Playlist Browser: Optimized playlist loading and progress feedback for very large playlists.
Playlist Browser: Refreshing iTunes playlists redisplays the selected playlist with new content.
Printed lists now display the intro time based on subtracted cue-in (start) time.
Reduced and standardized the fine-tune auto-repeat duration for Deck's Cue Forward/Back and Edit's Cue/End time.
Two-finger scrolling works while hovering over scrollbars.
Using Command-Up/Down Arrows to move a selected track in the Playlist no longer causes the Next deck to reload.
Various other interface tweaks.
Admin Mode: Renaming playlists is now protected when Administration Mode is enabled.
Ambient Playlist: Double-clicking a track from the Library or Playlist Browser correctly adds it into the Ambient Playlist.
Events: Fixed a bug where scheduling an event using only three "days of the week" triggers (i.e. 1:00pm, Mon/Wed/Fri), would be confused with a date format.
Events: Fixed a bug with the Insert Break (serial port trigger) "Send on Receive" function.
Events: Fixed a error when a system's localized time uses an unusual delimiter.
Events: Fixed a rare error when using the Insert URL event to pre-download a track.
Events: Using the "Insert Break (serial port trigger)" with Interrupt option enabled, no longer skips over the inserted break.
Events: Type-to-Select now works in the select playlist dialog.
Events: Insert and Open events no longer trigger a Segue when AutoSeg mode is turned off (unless Interrupt flag is set).
Events: Inserting a track in front of a stream URL track now works correctly without a warning dialog.
Hot Keys: Fixed volume slider display for Yosemite.
Logging: Added support for TCP/IP and Telnet protocol transmission via a "tcp://" or "telnet://" format URLs. An example URL formatted for the Audemat FMB80 RDS:
Optional parameters that can be included in the URL are:
\alphanum = Use alpha numeric text only
\ascii = Use ASCII text only
\cr = CR
\lf = LF
\r = CRLF
Logging: Correctly detects new white/gray "iTunes Notes" as having no cover artwork for NowPlaying 'ArtworkTrueFalse' tag.
Logging: Fixed a possible error when using "Send to Server" in FTP mode.
Logging: Fixed an intermittent report message about wrong username or password when sending metadata to a server when two or more tracks are segued quickly.
Logging: Fixed possible error messages when using the Send To Server function with multiple URLs.
Logging: Send To Server no longer sends "ID/PSA" artist and album fields for Break Tracks.
Logging: The ComingUp log file is now updated as changes are made rather than once per segue.
Mic Ducking: Correctly scales from current master volume.
Mic Playthru: Device settings now take effect while Mic is on, and device output volume is reset automatically.
Network Sync: Category Browser list is now automatically refreshed.
Network Sync: Fixed a Dropbox auto-sync bug when a track is assigned or imported into a new category, it now instantly refreshes the category list.
Network Sync: Fixed a Dropbox auto-sync bug where it could cause changelog conflicts or other errors.
Network Sync: Fixed possible error when syncing the library, especially over slower networks.
Network Sync: The Events list is now automatically synced between systems.
Network Sync: Each system's currently active Events list is maintained post sync.
Rules: Fixed a bug where Album Separation would be flagged for a particular artist if both track's album fields were empty.
Scheduler: Supports Finder file drops (with auto-import if required.)

↑ Info
MegaSeg is a complete solution for pro audio/video DJ mixing, radio automation, and music scheduling with rock-solid performance and an easy-to-use design. Mix with visual waveforms and Magic Trackpad cue and sync. Preview tracks with optional audio outputs and MIDI control. Enjoy fast access and elegant management of your iTunes library, including iTunes Match. Segue or beat-mix between songs or music videos, trigger sound effects via hot keys, note requests via color-coded request lists, cue and preview tracks via multiple sound outputs, create dynamic scheduled playlists, program automatic playlist events, and more...

Full iTunes library and playlist integration, including iTunes Match.
Visually sync beats in real-time with the waveform viewer.
Use Multi-touch trackpad controls for cue-scrub, pitch shift, and click-drag sync.
Kick back on autopilot with automatic segues.
Change the font face, color, and size.
Preview and cue songs in your headphones with multiple audio outputs.
Supports any MIDI controller.
Compatible with older protected DRM iTunes tracks.
Rock-steady with superior program stability.
Built from the ground up to work exclusively on the Mac.
Play-history logs and auto-saved playlists
Adjust tempo with pitch lock (time-stretch)
And much more...

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