Matti Haapoja – CINE LUTS PACK – TRAVELFEELS (Win/Mac)

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Descriptions for Matti Haapoja – CINE LUTS PACK – TRAVELFEELS (Win/Mac)

In this collection you will receive a variety of classic Black and Whites, Teal and Orange options that really make those skin tones come to life, and a choice of slick desaturated LUTs.

These 12 LUTs were crafted and inspired by stunning cinematic themes I’ve used over my years as a Director of Photography. I’ve fine-tuned these LUTs to help give films a mood and emotion an audience can easily connect with.

Step up your Cinematic game immediately and color grade your films like a pro!

The LUTs You’ll Get:
  1. Cine Green Deep Blacks
  2. Cine Green Lift Shadows
  3. Cine Teal and Orange
  4. Cine Subtle Teal and Orange
  5. Cine Subtle Warm Teal and Orange
  6. Cine BW Standard
  7. Cine BW Lift Shadows
  8. Cine Warm Lift Shadows
  9. Cine Warm Deep Blacks
  10. Cine Desaturated
  11. Cine Skin Tone Pop
  12. Cine Desaturated Highs and Lows

These LUTs are super easy to install on virtually any program.

They will work on:

  1. Premiere Pro
  2. After Effects
  3. Davinci
  4. SpeedGrade
  5. And many more!

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