MASTIN LABS Bundle 2017 Edition – Lightroom & ACR Presets (12.2017 Updated)

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Name: MASTIN LABS Bundle 2017 Edition
Version: 12.2017

Supported DLSR Cameras

Each Mastin Labs film pack includes a full set of presets specifically calibrated to each supported DLSR manufacture listed: CANON(ALL), NIKON(ALL),SONY(ALL), FUJI X-Trans (except X100)

Software Requirements:

Lightroom 4 or later Adobe Camera RAW CS6 or later

Supported File Types:

RAW, NEF, & RAF files (no JPG support).

Web Site:


Fuji films are known for an airy pastel look. The muted palette of Fuji 400H and the slightly cooler Fuji 160NS are great for wedding photography and fashion.


Portra films are known for their excellent skin tones and natural warmth, making this film popular for portraiture and editorial work.


Ilford makes the most advanced black-and-white films in the world. From the glowing graininess of Delta 3200, to the practical and honest look of HP5, Ilford B&W films are perfect for everything from fine art to photojournalism.

Mastin-Labs Portra Pushed Presets Pack

With increased contrast and subtle color shifts in the shadows, the Portra Pushed pack emulates the beauty of pushed film. This pack is ideal for clean and moody street photography, portraits, weddings, and fashion photography.

Fujicolor Pushed Pack

Fujicolor Pushed Pack is your new go-to when you want a more saturated look with deeper contrast. This pack is ideal for lush fashion editorials, weddings, and tropical travel imagery.

• Cyan and red undertones in the Fujicolor Pushed pack compliment medium to darker skin tones.

• Proprietary color science recreates the micro-contrast of the film for a clean, three-dimensional look.

• Includes custom Tone Profiles to help you overcome tricky lighting situations.

• Medium Format & 35MM grain options to fine tune your look.

Our goal is not to replace film, but introduce it to a new generation of photographers.
Our hope is that people unfamiliar with the look of real film will fall in love with it through our presets, and start shooting film along with digital.
By increasing the demand for film, we can save it.



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