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2015-04-05   Utilities

Name MAMP PRO 3.1
Size 243.3 MB
Created on 2015-03-25 13:06:16
Hash db7bfbdbb9199f00bfdaaff55ac43bba7e2cdb75
Files MAMP Pro 3.1/ (243.3 MB)
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Version: 3.1
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Serial

OS version: 10.6.6 or higher
64 bit

Whats new:

PHP versions 5.4 and up now use mysqlnd library.
Added components: OPcache GUI, mod_xsendfile for Apache
Updated components: Nginx 1.7.10, MySQL 5.5.42, PHP 5.4.38, 5.5.22 and 5.6.6, PHPUnit 4.4, apcu 4.0.7, phpMyAdmin 4.3.10, Admin tools for APC, eAccelerator and Xcache
Fixed several bugs
Browsers menu is now extensible
Launching servers at system startup repaired
When deleting a host, its document root folder is now moved to the trash.
Added: button to open PHP cache admin tools from GUI, button to open Postfix log file from GUI
WordPress now works on port 80


Apache 2.2.29
Nginx 1.7.10
MySQL 5.5.38
MySQL Utilities 1.3.6
PHP 5.1.6, 5.2.17, 5.3.29, 5.4.38, 5.5.22, 5.6.6
APC 3.1.13 and apcu 4.0.7
XCache 1.2.2 and 3.2.0
Xdebug 2.2.5
Perl 5.20.0
mod_perl 2.0.8
DBI 1.631
DBD::mysql 4.027
Python 2.7.8
mod_wsgi 3.4
mod_python 3.5.0
MySQL Connector/Python 1.1.6
phpMyAdmin 4.2.10
phpLiteAdmin 1.9.5
SQLiteManager 1.2.4
Freetype 2.4.12
t1lib 5.1.2
curl 7.28.1
jpeg 8d
libpng 1.6.6
tiff 4.0.3
ImageMagick 6.8.9-7
Imagick 3.1.2
PHPUnit 4.4
Ghostscript 9.14
gd 2.0.34
zlib 1.2.8
ICU 52.1 (Unicode 6.3)
libxml 22.8.0
libxslt 1.1.28
libidn 1.17
iconv 1.14
mcrypt 2.6.8
OAuth 1.2.3
YAZ 4.0.1 and PHP/YAZ 1.1.5

More Info:
Develop and test websites locally
MAMP PRO is the commercial, professional grade version of the classic local server environment: MAMP. Designed for professional web developers and programmers, MAMP PRO allows easy installation and administration of their development environment.
Run different versions of PHP at once
MAMP Pro has always offered multiple versions of PHP. This was convenient if you had different projects using different versions of PHP, but required a restart of MAMP PRO when you wanted to change projects. If, for instance, you needed to work on a host which used a different version of PHP, you had to restart the servers and change the PHP version to work on that particular virtual host. With the new MAMP PRO you can configure your PHP versions on a per host basis using CGI Mode. Now you can conveniently switch between virtual hosts using different PHP versions on the fly.
Virtual Server
Set up any number of virtual servers
You can set up and test any number of virtual servers without the danger of affecting your live system. The local name resolution is performed by MAMP PRO. For each project, you can create a virtual host and conveniently test your programs in detail. Whether you create a page using a CMS, integrate a shopping-cart, or create a WordPress template - MAMP PRO is there to provide the perfect test environment. With unlimited server-hosts you can separate all your projects and make them accessible to your local network or even the internet. To simulate a very authentic environment, MAMP PRO can activate the local mail server, as well as the sending of emails via PHP.
Install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc with just one click
An Extra is a collection of files or library, which has been tested and configured by the MAMP PRO team. When setting up a new virtual host you can also choose and Extra which will automatically be installed. You can also install Extras on existing hosts. The selection of extras is always being updated and expanded.
Dynamic DNS
Allow External Access
With MAMP PRO, you can easily connect your local server to the internet with an existing Dynamic DNS provider. You can conveniently provide access to your work to clients and prospects over the internet. With the option to set up many virtual hosts, you can easily offer alternative configurations or suggestions. With MAMP PRO 3.0 the DNS-O-Matic service is integrated. Now you have a huge selection of Dyn-DNS service providers, many of which are free of charge.
Test PHP scripts with a Mail-Server
Every Mac OS X computer comes pre-installed with a default Mail-Server. This Mail-Server can be activated through the MAMP PRO interface and it’s functionality used via PHP scripts. With this Mail-Server you can setup up an account through a host provider. This provides a reliable email connection and avoids problems with spam filters.
Switch Apache Modules on and off
With MAMP PRO you can quickly setup a test environment without the need to install and configure Apache. Work on multiple projects simultaneously in parallel. A staging-server is easily setup up with just a few mouse clicks. Apache modules can be activated and deactivated through the MAMP interface. This allows you to quickly build a custom local server environment to mirror the one on your live server.
MAMP Features
Functionality of MAMP
MAMP PRO is the commercial, professional grade version of the classic local server environment for OS X. That is, the freely available standard version is automatically installed with MAMP PRO. With MAMP PRO comes all the functionality of MAMP including MySQL, Apache, PHP, Perl, and Python.

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